Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lance Mindeims LAJ railroad, and the "should-ers"

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Here is an interesting post by Lance Mindheim regarding fans who think he has gone off the rails, modeling a little section of the LAJ, he outlines that there are a lot of people who "should" other modelers, to accept their values.

Here is a link to the post, well worth a look.


Quite rightly, Lance can model what he wants how, he wants.
Some people to some extent get "invested" in others layouts, and are disappointed when they move on to other projects.

Bernard Kempinski is probably suffering the same, with his layouts USMRR AL and PoLA

The message that seems to stand out is being true to yourself and you cant go wrong.
For example Doug really likes just running trains, Jon did as well, nothing wrong with that, makes them happy!

I have spent lots of time figuring what makes me happy as a modeler, thus what my next project will no doubt follow that ethos, and does not mean that Alice Springs is going to be scrapped.  Its just served its purpose, and is, and always will be, a great learning experience.
my next project is my journey and those that are welcome, can come along.

Having said all of the above, Alice Springs is getting there and still lots to experiment with, and learn from.

If you are around Melbourne this weekend, drop by Caulfield exhibition and you should see A Town Like Alice in action.

See you then!

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