Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alice Springs industrial area on video

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The brother has a new toy in the form of a HD video



GM30 shunting the dairy
Here is a short tour of the layout.

Roger is coming around for an operating night, so should be interesting.



Sunday, March 25, 2012

VCSX V/line Coil steel wagons and tarps in 1993

Here is V/Line train number 9169 on 22nd of May 1993.  Worthy of note, the high number of "olive  drab" tarps, the third wagon in the consist has yellow bogies.  There are at least four different VCSX tarp colours shown here.  Obviously the yellow tarps are a one size fits all, a little experimentation in regard to paint colours will render a more haphazard look.  maybe cutting the base of the plastic version of the tarp will give the uneven look that you will need to convince yourself that the model version looks like tarps.  The more brave of us might think of using a heating process to make the tops of the tarp more uneven.....  Anyway here's living proof that I actually took shots of V/Line trains in 1993.

Again with a little weathering they will fill out 4SP3 nicely......

That's enough free advertising for Auscision, Happy they made the ABFX, and AOOX's but where is my AQSYs!!

I will upload shots of Alice Springs yard as it gets closer to complete.



Pictures of AOOX and ABFXs in 1993

Above is a shot of a south bound, I guess Brisbane Freighter service, the first three wagons are AOOX's loaded with Telegraph poles, all I am going to say, is these don't look like the Auscision loads, seem to be slightly longer and skinner, with finished ends, and they jammed in there, ggod and proper.
I can't remember seeing AOOX's loaded with poles like this passing through Port Augusta, but does not mean that its didn't happen, more likely I didn't photograph it.

Hi All
I have dusted of the slide scanner and cropped out some shots of AOOX and ABFX's operating in 1993.  Hopefully this will help you loading your new
AOOX and ABFX's. On the Alice Springs side of things, I have started constructing the four boards for the remaining sections of Alice Springs yard.

Two AOOXs on 4AP1 at Spencer Junction, loaded to the Victorian Loading gauge, would make a  great  project, for creating an interesting load.  Weathering patterns include extra rust below the side doors
In discussion with John, John informs me these these high AOOXs were loaded at Boxcar at a signing in Westall in Melbourne Victoria.  I would assume this siding was shunted by the Dandy Goods.
4SP3 would normally arrive a Spencer Junction on Thursday night, and layover until Saturday  morning, the loading from Sydney would be added and added to.  80Kmh loading from Adelaide, steel from Whyalla would also be added.  Thus on Saturday this train became quite long.  This shot is a section of this train.  Worthy of note, 6 ABFXs, one seems to have a black roof, the second, third and sixth ABFX has a green rain protection strip above the door.  The fifth ABFX is missing the AN panel, and exposes the maroon underneath.
For the AOOXs, this shot definitily illustrates the variety of loading you can achieve with an AOOX, Boxcar tarpped loading, containers, pipe loading inside a 40ft frame container.
The next time Barcoola is exhibited, you can be sure that SP3 will be filled out with some Ausicion AOOX and ABFXs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little piece of Brownsville Pennsylvania in N scale from Peter

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Here is some off topic, shots of a good friend's Layout now called Brownsville PA, He is working on two eras, one NS, the other LV, in the late 60's.

Now has it's own blog site.

There is a detailed plan, and some great instructions on speed matching locomotives in DCC, something that I need to do.

Here is some pictures of his layout.

The room is detached from the house, but insulated and has its own air-conditioner.

 Peter is a dab hand at building, example above.

 Peter's layout is all foam on timber frame, the height is via storage cabinets he got from and office supply, place, he gave me two, and they are great for storing away all the bits and pieces, keeps the train room clean.

 A great line up of Peters buildings.

 The coal mine, power station peninsular. 

 The main classification yard is taking shape.

 This is one of Peter's great ideas, above layout wiring, makes everything sooooo easy.



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some video of an ARG loaded grain train in 2004.

I have been experimenting with the features from blogger, here is some video from 8th November 2004, of an ARG loaded grain train Belair and Sleeps Hill Tunnel.

Hi All

Here is some shots of AN steel wagons, and an example of the weathering applied to Glen's steel wagons.

Here is an example of weathering I did on one of Glens scratchbuilt steel wagons.  I will be applying the same techniques to the AOOX's and AKJYs.  The rust colour on the floor of the wagon needs to be lighter, more orange, and the sides more brown and darker.
Here is some AKJY's and note that the inside of the wagon left bottom, is green.  Also check the loading of the I beams, small beams at the bottom large beams on top.

here is another wagon with a green interior.

AKJY's with the more standard rust coloured interior.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

T414 SCT with rebuild cab and nose

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For reference here is a shot of T414, ex DE02, thus is very similar to the VR flat top T class.



Model Railway Inspirations

Hi All
I would like to broach the subject of your model railway layouts and people that influenced you. Or your your model railway people that your aspire to emulate in some way.
Simply the layouts that give you inspiration.

For me I would like to share my influences.

I guess my first Australian influence was Broadford. featured in the AMRM 1988, AUG, 151. Build originally by Keith Trueman.
Given that I was so young, when I saw it, the layout had a great overall finish, not mega detailed. Never the less, had taken a big bite out the modeling real estate.

He maintained era discipline, at the time Keith originally built this layout, the only real plastic locomotives available at the time was the Lima S class and 422 class.
A smattering of wagon kits, the rest was scratch built to create the right consists.

Operationally fairly limited, but at the time all I wanted was an AN version of this layout.

Currently this layout is owned by the Hobson's Bay Model Railway Club, which don't adhere to the original builders era discipline.

Most of my other influences were from the USA.
The first the comes to mind is the Cat Mountain and Santa Fe, by David Barrow. The concept was soooooo simple CTC operations. David has modified his layout repeatedly, even went for a straight industrial layout. His final version is a more faith full representation of the area of Texas, with lots of shunting Zones.
Allen McClelland's V&O, I was luck enough to see and interview with Allen in the late 1970's or 1980's, and back then he was the first to advocate the walk around concept. He was way ahead of his time.

Roger brought around a copy of Allen Keller's Great model railroads, and it became obvious Bruce Carpenter's BNSF layout is all about operation, 50 trains in an operating session. I like is reasoning behind not only his operations but also the finishing of the layout, rolling stock etc, and his dedication to keep jup to date.

Final influence is Lance Mindeim, his Down down Miami layout is the zenith of detailed operations. Being able to focus on less of a prototype (taking less of a prototype bit) has enabled him get into operations, to the point of putting a lock on the side of the layout to mirror the lock on an industrial siding gate.



Monday, March 12, 2012

Victorian shunting layout ideas for Doug

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Doug has got all inspired by the operational prospects of the Alice Springs industrial area, and is looking for a Victorian location of equal potential.

Doug here is some options.
"little Brooklyn"

Five industries within the area, including cattle.

Area has changed alot hard to tell where everything was.

Or Wodonga coal sidings:

This also includes at least 5 industries, looks like two super sidings, Fuel and LP Gas? and a bogie exchange.

Not including coal... and includes dual gauge!


Food for thought.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alice Springs SOP or LAP's

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After Roger and Doug, visited and operated the Alice Springs industrial area. It became apparent that I need to list the Standard Operating Procedures SOP, or Local Area Procedures LAP's.
I managed to get a hold of a old AN operating appendix, this lists all the operating rules, In addition to these, they also list exceptional operating procedures or LAP's.
So here is an example where using the LAP's for Alice Springs industrial area, change the way the area can be shunted.

Below is an example of shunting out an empty steel wagon, with a loaded one into the Steel Distributor.

Photo 1

For this exercise un protected level crossing at Ghan Road, will be the first location where the shunt movement will need to stop. Your mate will have to step out and control the level crossing.

Photo 2

Once clear of the level crossing you will have to wait for your mate to walk to the front of the consist. The point to the left is the Adelaide Brighton Cement siding, the ABFX's to the left are on the NTFS & Freight Forwarders siding.

Photo 3.

This is the first shunt movement for the day and includes, tankers for BP, Steel, and a van for Golden North Dairies.

GM30 pulls in clear of the run around opposite the Sadabin and Caltex terminal, each shunt consist is long enough to fit inside the run around.

Photo 5.
Again as part of the LAP, it is easier not to cross Whittaker Street, so you mate does not have to jump out and flag the crossing. However there is enough room to clear the east end points of the run around.

Photo 6.
GM30 continues back down the shunt lead, passing the Sadabin terminal.

Photo 7.
GM30 drags out the loaded van as a shunt wagon, so that it can be easily shunted to the dairy later.

Photo 8.
GM30 then continues towards the Ghan road level crossing.

Photo 9
GM30 picks up the empty steel wagon, with enough room not to foul the Ghan road level crossing.

Photo 10.
GM30 has dropped off the empty wagon on the shunt main, so that the loaded steel wagon can be placed into the distributor's siding.

Photo 11.

GM30 places the loaded wagon into the steel distributors siding, accomplished with only fouling Ghan road level crossing once. Thanks to the LAP's
Anyway give LAP's a thought on your layout, it will increase the operational potential of any layout.