Thursday, September 29, 2016

BNSF Santa Fe Warbonnets "pink boats" Dash9-44CWs Weathering by Barcoola

So I have had a go at creating some BNSF Santa Fe Warbonnets "pink boats" Dash9-44CWs.
Basically I started with two Kato Dash9-44CWs.
Firstly I created a wash of "pink" using Humbrol paints, with red and white and a touch of purple.
Over washing on the lines etc.
Gave it a day to dry, then used a cotton bud soaked with mineral turpentine, and rubbed the bud in areas, one to make clear lines around the "Santa Fe" letters, the other is to create stippling of the paint.

The grilles were washed with a mix of Humbrol black and gunge.

The rust spots on the roof was again a mix of humbrol yellow red and gray.

then I added a wash of dark orange around the edges of the dark rust spots.

The exhaust stains are Tru Color Grime.
And the road grime is a concoction.

Here is the finished product
Here is #650 this is all done so far with Humbrol washes.

 Post paint booth, here is the final treatment, Very happy with the result.

 I made sure there was plenty of variation in the red paint, the cotton bud did a great job.
 Just the right amount of miss match fade on the "Santa Fe"

 Comparing with an out of the box Dash9 they clearly are pink boats.



Saturday, September 24, 2016

Auscision SCT001 ans SCT002 GT46ACe class weathering by Barcoola

Hi All

I have started weathering the SCT stock for Barcoola,
This includes two Auscision SCT class locomotives.

First, all the panels and grilles were black washed, using Humbrol paints a mix of matt black #33 matt grey #64 and a touch of grimy brown #98.

A wash of Grey was applied to the foot plate,

Then I mixed up True Color paints, TCP-174 Grime, added TCP-005 White, a dash of TCP-173 Weathered iron oxide, and TCP-070 reefer Orange, this gave me the right mix of grime.

A word of warning, do not use their Grimy Black, for some reason it has green in it, just does not work.

This was then cut with acetone, about 60 to 70% Acetone to 30 to 40% paint.
The reason I do this is to give you more control in "dusting" with repeated passes of the gun, you can get very good control of the paint, as the application is very light.

SCT001 has been dusted, and its fairly subtle, just  compare it to SCT002, which is out of the box with the grilles picked out.

 The final action was to spray Straight black around the exhausts.
 On the prototype, there is a distinctive "bow wave" grime mark below the cab.  Again with good gun control, this is the result.
 Here is SCT001 and SCT002 ready for action on Barcoola.

Here is the prototype shots I worked from.

Enjoy! Scott

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Auscision RMX AQMX AQSY RQKY RQMF RQMY RCJY QQJY and PQFY 63ft flat wagon Barcoola Review updated with more detail

Glen and I managed to meet up on the weekend and went over the Auscision model together, and came up with more addtions!

Hi All

Its been a long time coming, and the ubiquitous AN 63ft flat wagon is finally here.

Traveling the length and breadth of this country, just about any interstate train had at least a gaggle of these flats.

Still to this day its the same, such is their versatility!

Auscision have produced RMX AQMX AQSY RQKY RQMF RQMY RCJY QQJY and PQFYs

The model comes in a four pack, in the now familiar blue box.

The spindly look of the RMX, has been replicated well by Auscision,  As the model has no centre frame fish belly, which is the most obvious location for adding weight, Auscision decided to cast the whole wagon in metal.  This has resulted in a great weight for operation.  Which also means we can run these wagons loaded and empty, a great step forward guys! well done!

There is a slight difference between the version of RMX wagons, the sill openings are a bit of a give a way.

The model:

One of the stake locations seems to be out, Glens model is the bottom in the image.

The bolsters on the model angle into the frame, and the tie downs are against the frame, where as they should be up against the side sill.

Here is the prototype bolster and sill.

Four stake locators are of low relief on the model.

On the prototype they should be way more prominent.

The openings are again early on the model.

Compare with the openings on a AQNY

The RMX is the first version of the wagon, built for the Commonwealth Railways.  The bright orange bogies are per prototype.  The maroon livery looks good.
Also available as an AQMX.

the lettering detail is quite spectacular.

 For the obsessive here is the brake gear!

The AN versions are AQMX and AQSY, they have not modeled the AQNY, which I found to be the most frequent on the westliner - eastliner and 347 - 166 goods.  Also the model lacks the red square on the bogies and frame.

Given the number of different version of the wagon.  Auscision seem to have settled on one version and then everything else are repaints.  From my point of view this is just fine, as they used the AN version for the basis.

When the wagons were transferred to the NRC in 1994, NRC embarked on a program of adding additional handrails.
Thus the model version of all the ultra modern wagons lack this detail.


 Check out the tiny PN placards!

 In the back of the box are these additional hoses and twist locks.

RCJY image: 1.

RCJY image 2:


From Chris's Wagon freak blog, check out the links

In the ultra modern era there are as many reiterations as there are wagons.
However there is a definitive trend for the wagons that have been repainted, which looks like the basis of the Auscision model.
From the look of it, the model has seems to be missing the following:
Wagon code and number on the top of the wagon.
Twist lock holders (two per side).
115Km/h lettering, (one per side)
White pad Standoff twist locks pads (I assume these were painted white as a visual aid).

QQJY model.

QQJY image 1.

QQJY image 2.  Shows a pair of twist lock holders and the 115Km/H.
The model has an even amount of QR placards however they are not consistent across the fleet, check out this half repaint with to QR placards together.
An example of the white stand offs.

QQJY image 3.  The model has an even amount of QR placards however they are not consistent across the fleet, check out this half repaint with to QR placards together.

 QQJY image 4.  An example of the white stand offs.

SCT also has a number of these wagons and this include PQFY and PQTY for timber traffic.
Auscision only produced the PQFY.

For Timber Traffic SCT modified these wagons to PQTY, would make a great little project.


Auscision have produced a very needed modern wagon.  The cast weight is a great step forward.
the detail is good for an AN version, so I am really happy.

Down sides are limited to the couplers, just replace them!
They didnt make the AQNY.

This model will satisfy CR and AN modelers alike and ultra modern.

enjoy Scott