Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ramping up for the next big challenge, Murray River Bridge goes interstate

Hi All

Murray River Bridge is going on on a long trip to an exhibition.
I have been preparing for this for a while.

Here is my aim for this is:
  • The layout or layouts can be put into the trailer and the 4X4 (including all the support equipment).
  • The Layout - layouts can be set up by two people, IE Helen and me.
  • reduction of boxes to bring, standardize things.  Ryobi BloX to hold the locomotives, controllers, tools, power supplies etc.  Everything has its place and is secure (no small boxes).
  • New lighting, LED light panels for a start, custom built transit carry assembly.
  • Easy to unload and load rolling stock, only two boxes, that can be done by anyone.
  • Install point motors on the fiddle - staging yard, this is simply to make the operation of the layout easier for one person operation.
  • Good Presentation and inter-reaction with the public - audience, add a story to the layout, where it is and what it was like in the day, maybe even handouts etc, it give people a back story and I think its important even if you are modeling a real location.
  • Correct Trains consists for the era,this sounds simple but alot of work needs to go into correct composition.
  • finally,and hopefully, provide a modeler with inspiration.
Enjoy, Scott

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Build your own cheap wagon storage boxes

Hi All

After much thought, we have come up with a design for wagon storage and transportation boxes for Murray River Bridge.

I had used a combination of boxes made from archive boxes and Auscision boxes.  Both were not 100% suitable, and resulted in damage to rolling stock. Having said that Ben Grey has a solve for the Auscision boxes which is quite simple.

Anyway here is our solve, Christmas tree boxes.
With shelves made from 3mm MDF and 19mm by 42mm pine.  lined with old blankets (Helens idea).
30mm foam inserts to stop wagons from touching another, and most importantly can be picked up by the sides or ends (not top loaded), which also means that I can store double stack wagons.

Cost is about $7.50 per shelve, and thus $52.50 for seven shelves which will fit in to one Christmas tree box $28.00 thus all up cost $80.50 for storing 110 wagons (depending on wagon size and height of course).

Here is a quick video.