Monday, February 27, 2012

The Ausicsion ABFX and AOOX's have landed.

he ABFX and AOOX’s have a arrived form Auscision. Yes very faithful to prototype and will be a great addition to both Barcoola and Alice Springs. Initial impressions are good, I have tested the cars on the Alice Springs industrial area, with the exception of the NTFS siding the wagons make it no problems. The only thing that lets them down is the lack of weight. This should not be a big problem, as the ABFX’s doors are sealed, so placing weight inside should be easy. The AOOX’s however I will have to be a bit more inventive. Possibly add the weight using a load.For Barcoola the ABFX is a welcome addition, given that the fiddle yard was increased in length substantially, there is more space for a lengthened SP3, which was a regular hauler of both ABFX’s and AOOX’s. The ABFXs’ could loaded with all types of loading, given the generous door opening, the only problem is that you could not see what it was in transit. The AOOXs however were used for various loads which you could identify, such as:
BOXCAR shipments, where the tarp load would match the Eastern states loading gauge., its and impressive loading, and tarping job.
Coal from Newcastle, which was going to Hotham Valley Railway, for mixing with Collie Coal for burning in their preserved steam locomotives. From the eastern states loaded with containers, placed on old tyres, to stop them moving around inside the wagon. Modeling an empty wagon in such service remember to have the tyres strun around the floor of the wagon.
Obviously long steel products from Whyalla, going both east and west.
Departmental use including, as a repository for all the wooden spacers installed between the packs of pre cast concrete sleepers, as part of the AN resleepering project. These wagons were used to collect all these blockings between each sleeper layer, and have been noticed in Tassie Street yard loaded to the gunnels with blockings, looking like a big game of pick up sticks, as they were not loaded in a orderly fashion. These would be sent back to Monier and reused to create more concrete sleeper packs.So pretty much in the AN era these wagons were a jack of all trades.Post the AN era, the AOOX, still got a lot of work carrying long product steel.
A pipeline project in Victoria also enlisted the help of the AOOX.


AFTY building the Alice Spring - Darwin Railway.

AOOX's on SP3.

Rebuilt into refrigerator van

ABFY with silver roof.

I have operated both the ABFX and AOOX's on the Alice Springs industrial area, nice...



Saturday, February 25, 2012

Justin Moy's blog site

Hi All

For some great weathering tips see Justin Moy's blog site:

There is even tips on converting NLKY couples to the more reliable Kadees.



Alice Spring industrial area on near map

Hi All

I would like to share some more near map images of the Alice Springs industrial area.

The old wreckers site has been cleared, which has uncovered a freight forwarders, loading un loading platform, even the track is still there, note the point to the Adelaide Brighton Cement This is in the current model version.,133.867024&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024

The Adeliade Brighton Cement siding.,133.868001&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The steel distributors siding.,133.868988&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The Kleen Gas siding.,133.86998&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The Sadabin siding.,133.871123&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The old BP siding, you can still see some old track in the yard.,133.874754&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
The Boral Gas siding now Orgin.,133.859734&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024
Although not part of the industrial area, it seems Tim the fuel man has been captured fueling DA2 at the south end of the yard.,133.876525&z=20&t=w&nmd=20111024



New SCT depot in Direk SA, stacks of Modeling potential

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I have been near maping, different locations. however the new SCT depot in Direk SA, is a very interesting prospect.

Given that the PBGY has been released by Railmotor models and the ABFX is also due soon from Ausicion.

Who would have thought that in 2012, we would have a new yard built with a two stall engine shed, hard stand area and goods shed (to be built).

Even better there is a convenient view block at the end of the yard in the form of the M20, over pass.

Operating potential is even better, given that all east west SCT trains to and from Melbourne and Perth, would eventually be visiting this yard. Including all the ore trains, which are split here for unloading at outer harbour.

Below are a couple of links to near map

An over all view of the yard.,138.59592&z=16&t=n&nmd=20120114

A close up of the engine shed,138.591067&z=19&t=n&nmd=20120114

The hard stand area.,138.598309&z=19&t=n&nmd=20120114

The site for the goods shed.,138.600388&z=18&t=w&nmd=20120114

A photo of the Yard from the M20 looking south.

I know Glen is working on some of the SCT specialist wagons, it might be something to a least look at for ultra modern.



Sadliers new depot in Spotswood Vic

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GregM from Adelaide has posted that the new Sadliers depot, is a modeling gem, and I have to agree. Nestled between Melbourne Road and the reclamation depot. There are three tracks, going to a northern dead end, with a double set of cross overs at the stub end. Interesting that all the trackage in the depot, is asphalted.

Please click on the link, from Near Map.,144.882776&z=18&t=e&nmd=20120122

I also like the fade pattern that the NLKY's are getting, and the rust on the roof, I am sure that will make Glen happy, for the ultra modern project.

See this link:,144.883152&z=19&t=n&nmd=20120122

Heres a shot of NR35 shunting the depot.

T379 doing a transfer job.



RQYY info for Lindsay

Hi Lindsay and All

As per your request, yes RQYY's did have shunters steps, below is a shot of an RQYY, close to brand new, shows the side shunters steps applied.

This picture, also shows that the RQYY still has the side shunters steps.



Alice Springs industrial area operational

Hi All

Last weekend I managed to complete the wiring of the industrial area. So I have been busy operating. This area is basically it's own little layout within another layout.
Just to position wagons in the area, it took 1 and a half hours.

Here is GM30 entering the industrial area, using Lance Mindheim's operational theory, all movements across unprotected level crossings such as this require the train to stop and the crew needs to red flag the crossing before the train can continue across the road. Replicating operations such as this, is more prototypical and gives operators a local procedure, which as per prototype will be avoided. For example it will be easier to bring small rakes of wagons, and shunt within the unprotected crossings.

Open fiddle yards, again another Lance Mindheim design feature. As can be seen GM30, is in the "fiddle yard", and as the rest of Alice Springs yard is not yet built, then this area behind the NTFS depot will do fine. This operation has also convinced me that I need storage draws below the layout.

Other advantages to open fiddle yards are:

More space for scenery.

less cost in regard trackage, as the fiddle yard can be one track.

Easy access, this can't be under estimated.

Here's a picture of the whole area, from Right to Left, Golden North Dairies, The three green tankers are at BP's siding. The two small tankers are at Caltex siding. The Three Mobil tankers are at Sabadin's siding. A tanker is a Kleen Gas, the coil wagons (these wagons won't be used in the finished layout) at the steel distribution siding, next is Adelaide Brighton Cement.

Further around the corner, is the NTFS siding which goes right through the their yard, crosses Ghan Road and into another Freight Forwarders yard.

Given the amount of work involved in this area of the yard, I think there is the capacity for two full time shunters in this layout.

I will post a day in the operational life of the industrial area soon.



Sunday, February 12, 2012

A town like Alice the current plan

Hi All

Here the curent font runner.

This plan has the following features:
Walk in gate.
The traffic in the yard area is greatly reduced.
Open fiddle yard, no access problems.

The Gap can be a tall has it needs to be, and hides the rest of the layout from initial viewers.

Modified industrial area, with a new location for the NTFS depot.

The down side, reduced distance between sidings.

Let me know what you think

Anyway, the industrial area is almost completely wired ready for initial ops and then start the scenery.


The many doddle plans of Alice Springs

Hi All

I would like to share a slight obsession with you, in regard to layout design. Finding the perfect plan is a ever engrossing passion.

This was my first plan.


walk in no duck under.

Point to loop.

Darwin is the open fiddle yard.

Reason for rejection:

Passing loops on grades, lots of under board trackage.
Difficult construction.

A slight amendment of the same, industrial area is now on the same level as the rest of the yard.

Reason for rejection:

Bridge is on a grade.

Fiddle yard is on an S curve under Alice Springs, bound to be a problem derailment zone.

My favorite version for construction.


22ft trains good distance between each crossing loop.

No grades

Fiddle yard hidden by a low back drop.

Reason for rejection.

Industrial area encroaches on lounge area (now taken up by a large TV and sound system), operator of the industrial area would have to bob back and fourth between sides of the layout.

Bar area limits access points, making some point in the fiddle yard only accessable from the other side of the peninsular.

The same plan but flipped around so the industrial area faces the wall of the room.


Both sides of the yard are accessible, yard operators will have access to all points in the yard.

Main line operators will also have access to all point except the industrial trackage.

The bar is no longer a problem, as it is over the south end of the yard.

20ft loops.

Reason for rejection:

Fiddle yard trackage limited to 16ft standing room.

Very narrow board at the end of the fiddle yard.

Track gaps very tight at fiddle yard end.

lots of aisle traffic., to get into the fiddle yard, the operator has to pass between the peninsula's not once but twice. once to enter the triangle end, then again to run around at turn the power.
Only assess is via the GAP and this will have at least 2 ft high mountains on it.

Then there is the current one.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

SAR OB wagon addtional info, with follow up AGGY

Hi All

Addtional info, I knew I had a shot of a AGGY, generator car, in operation. Above is an AGGY in the middle of a P&O train in 2005, this wagon was used as power for Fridge boxes. Note that one end has be gas axed, so ease of acess to cable conections. Glen tells me that there is still one in operation, and is used for providing power on work trains.

Hi All
I purchased the first issue of Australian Model Railway Magazine in some time, with the February 2012 issue.

I wanted to read Phil's article on the SAR OB wagon. The only disappointing aspect was that there were no shots post 1985.

Anyway we would like to add the following.

Model picture of the Gen sets.

there should make a great kit bash of the Orient Express model.

Here is a shot of the twin flats, note that they obviously had container lugs.

Yes this is on the Up Alice Springs goods the 166, and yes that's lake Hart in the foreground.