Saturday, October 25, 2014

Drink Drive world tour 2014 part 3

Hi All

After the Sydney exhibition we went north, it had been a long time between drinks, checking out the coal roads.  Wow things have really changed, QRN is here to stay!

 90 class locomotives now only seem to come in threes, I guess you can only buy them pre weathered and in a 3 pack?

 All I can say is QRN is everywhere up here.
 crew self portrait!
 And Glen has his own train, Glencore!  No Scottcore, Davecore or Dougcore, just Glencore.

 Blue or black?
 Desert runners, now working a Pelton Coal job, as the crew accept the modern version of NSW train control operations. Oh the indignity!

 If you weathered this in model form like this, people would say you have gone too far!

 TTs off the Mt Thorley branch.

 TT double cross?
 Interesting QRN cross over livery on this one.
 I am guessing the fiddle yard is just around the corner, and it is filling up, the join in the photo backdrop is well hidden!
 QRN job has an audience.
Too bloody hot to bother taking shots of three TTs I sort of agree with Dave, you can see Doug on the other abutment!  Glen we should have been in the Pub!

Enjoy Scott

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2014 drink drive world discovery tour part 2

Hi All

Here are some more shots from the trip.

SCT015 and SCT007 on MP9 swings through an s curve created by the addition of the NG to Port Augusta
 Interesting container placement!
 Couple of GWA006 and GWA007 locomotives at the south end of Spencer Junction yard.
 GWA003 heading towards Whyalla

 The first PHAY.
 Dave notices that NR14 and NR24 on PM7s, NR24 has sticking brakes, we did the right thing and called control.
 Gladstone, grain train loading. 2216 GM42 and 2214
 Shadows of Commonwealth Railways, inside Peterborough round house.
 All gauges anyone?
 532 with the wrong sound chip fitted (EMD)
 Two lost 45 class locomotives
 looks like gemco still have some work.

 Next morning we found that the IP has beat us into Broken Hill. NR18 and DL50

 GM10 S302 B61 GM27 on the Kelso job.
 Check out the mods on GM10

more to come


Sunday, October 12, 2014

the 2014 drink drive world discovery tour part 1

Hi All

Here is some selected pix from the 2014 drink drive world discovery tour.  With thanks to Dave, Doug and Glen.

 Three old war horses still giving it their all, up for a crew change.