Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Orient Express Reproductions announce the DWf 4 wheel goods van

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Orient Express Reproductions have announced another SAR based model in the form of a DWf 4 wheel goods van.  Check out the link, these guys are getting really prolific.


Here's  a Prototype shot from Norm Bray

I have to admit I can't do anything with a DWf, really does not fit the AN era.

if they are looking for further projects, I would say how about a ACAF, CS cattle wagon?

See the prototype shot from Norm Bray.



Sunday, July 8, 2012

Orient Express OBf open wagons are here, kitbash to a AT or AST shunt tender or AQUZ

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Orient Express Reproductions has released their new OBf 4 wheel wagons, these can be kit-bashed into either a AT or AST shunt tender or a AQUZ.
Here is some pictures of the model:

The hand brake end.

The very busy under body detail, note that the axle assemblies can be removed, from the body.  Thus enable Orient Express to make the standard bearing and roller bearing versions, using the one body.

The interior of the wagon, the additional weight is in the back ground.
We stumbled across these at the End of the Line Hobbies stand a Stawell  Exhibition, on what can be described as one of the coldest days in Victoria.
Doug purchased a number of boxes, and I negotiated with him to purchase one of the roller bearing versions.

I know what you are thinking, why would I purchase a broad gauge open wagon, for Alice Springs, Barcoola or Spencer Junction?
Well let me explain.  A number of OBf's and DWf's were built by SAR as part of their standardisation program. I think they were SOBf and SDWf?  Anyway, due to their low capacity, vs wagons like the AOOX and the ABFX, these Standard gauge versions, were not that well utalised.  however AN looked at these wagons differently, could they be reused?  The DWf's found new lives as storage sheds all the way to Alice Springs, there W irons made a good mounting points for creating instant shed, for example McLeay, had one used in this capacity.
The OBf found a number of other uses, some were rebuilt into shunt tenders, there roller bearing construction being a modern advantage.  Long story short, un braked wagon rakes could be shunted by 500 class, no problems.  The 500 Class during the AN era worked all over the Broad and Standard gauge network, this included Parkeston WA and Alice Springs.  However, the 500 Class lacked the braking capacity to brake un braked rakes, thus to help the class, manage higher tonnages, AN built the OBf's into shunt tenders, that would act as greater braking capacity.
They were also used as idle cars, for Mixed gauge shunting.  The AST at Port Flat yard was used right up to when operations moved to Vittara's new facility in Outer Harbour. It even got painted into GWA livery.

Thus I should be able to use the underframe to build an AT or AST, and the body to build an AQUZ.

Here is a shot of and AT at Port Augusta.

Here is a Shot of AST2 at Port Pirie in 1989, I think 528 had just been transferred from  Alice Springs.

Some OBfs were also used to store super-phosphate, here is a picture of one at Lamaroo.
Here is another OBf used as a tender at the Adelaide Rail Passenger Terminal at Keswick.
Then there is the One of experiment where an OBf was stretched to 40ft, and new high speed axle boxes added, see this earlier post for details:
I am looking at using the underframe to make a AT for Alice Springs and I could use the body to make a AQUY.

Then as intended here is two OBfs behind BL33 at Mount Lofty, in what I guess is 1986?

So lots of uses for this new model by Orient Express Reproductions, for more details see.



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Barcoola Modelling links updated

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I have updated the Barcoola modelling links, to include a more relevant links, feel free to check them out.
These links basicly reflect, research sources, modelling tips, or equipment purchased from the listed suppliers, and used in the construction of Barcoola and a "town like Alice", I thought this would be the easiest way to list them out and provide a convenient one stop links.