Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Murray River Bridge at Caulfield model railway exhibition

Hi All

Over the last weekend Murray River Bridge attended Caulfield Model Railway Exhibition, my thanks as usual to the crew, (bockscar hobos) Doug, John and Katie, Helen and the girls, Peter and Roger.  Dave for his help packing up. 

Here are some videos of the exhibition I managed to take during the weekend.

GWA grain.
Pacific national MP5

The ever popular SCT train.

AN era steel train.

Two Ns on the Overland.

This is a video by Greensleeves94, he does a great job, this is a video of the entire exhibition.  He does a great job of covering exhibitions.

I made some changes to the layout at this exhibition:
We added lights across the front and a pelmet.  I am not quite there yet, I have one more light to install, this should remove the dark spot at the end of the layout.
Numbers added to each road, and a stand up display noting each trains location and address.
I built a PN train, this turned out fairly popular, as did the SCT (as usual)
Transit socks were made by Helen for the back drops, they worked a treat, I can now look at painting the backdrops (without the risk of damage).

We also won another award, best private layout! :)

Comments from the public.
We had questions on how we did the lighting,
We had two requests from two separate blokes from Adelaide exhibition wanting our details, they seemed surprised when I told them I had applied for this year and was rejected,  I think there might be a communication issue there somewhere, lets see how things go  :)
Blog followers and youtube followers said hi, always good to see you all.
A Special shout out to Alex and his dad, great to see you both and for letting me know your favorites.

Things to do between now and the next exhibition.:
Install a few more lights.
Weight the SCT wagons, they are too light.
maintenance some locomotives, and rolling stock.
Repair some transit damage.
Install DCC concepts point motors in the fiddle yard.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Some ultra modern locomotives for Murray River Bridge.

Hi All

I have been doing some work on some ultra modern locomotives for Murray River Bridge.

NR9 with checker pattern.
 NR102 with a slight roof fade.
 Patched DL41 complete with faded panels.
 NR18, Circa 2014, complete with faded panels.

 TOLL Auscision reefer box.
 Auscision AN7 with checker pattern.

little by little I am getting there.