Thursday, November 8, 2012

BHP Billiton SD40-2 released by Broadway Limited Imports

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You can now get a BHP Billiton SD40-2 from Broadway Limited Imports, in both the Bubble scheme, and the ex ICE blue and yellow.

3094 outside the Nelson Point locomotive workshops, its all the subtle details, like the step well plates,  and the low horizontal headlights.

Unfortunately all the locomotive painted in the BHP "bubble" or "Bunnings" livery are in fact rebuilt SD40 locomotives and not SD40-2, thus the BLI model is too long.
On the plus side the radiator grilles are the correct for the BHP model.

However check out the link below, and see for yourself.

The other version offered is the rejected ICE SD40's these arrived still in the ICE blue and yellow, the example below, at the time is used as a yard shunter.

3078 in Nelson Point yard, and sports modifications for yard work, such as vents cut into the long hood doors for air cooling of the compressor, an Air conditioner  mounted on the walkway, a conduit mounted onto the roof, walkway flaps, and horizontal headlights.
Check out the link:

A Pilbara layout is always on my Radar, and I have a BLI SD40-2 but in BNSF (thats another story), the sound system installed is quite realistic out of the box.    This model could definitely be part of your Pilbara collection.


As per Brad's request, BHP purchased only 5 SD40-2's that were SD40-2's from build, these locomotives were built with a longer frame than the standard SD40.  The rest of the fleet BHP purchased were SD40 locomotives rebuilt to SD40-2 standards.  However they still retained the shorter SD40 length frames.  The two pictures below illustrate the difference.
SD40 framed

SD40-2 framed, note the extra "porch" space
The BLI model has SD40-2 frames, where as they should be the shorter SD40 length.  No SD40-2 framed locomotive was painted in the bubble livery.
Also note the newer SD40-2 has the more modern radiator grilles.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Model Railroad Hobbyist $500 competition

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Model Railroad Hobbyist, has launched a competition for a beginner layout proposal, the aim is to create a complete operating layout with less than $500 USD.
Its a great competition, and gets you to think how you would create a layout, more to the point what would you model.
The US model market is such that you could accomplish this using a Northern American prototype.
As an extra degree of difficulty, do you think you could make an Australian layout for the same cost?

Click on the link below: