Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pinnaroo line Grain trains in 2015

Hi All

Thanks to glen for the heads up, there were two grain trains over the now threatened Pinnaroo line.

GM43 GM42 and 2210 with a loaded Grain #3152, on Friday.

Two trains ran over the weekend, Friday and Saturday, this was the same weekend of the Adelaide model railway exhibition.   So I combined both into the weekend!

Early on Friday train number 1351 was already at Grain Flows facility at Pinnaroo.  The high speed loader doing its job the train is already half loaded!

Even Earlier that morning out of Oyen I stumbled on a PN empty grain with XR558 X41 and G531, and yes some storm light! BTW the bakery in Oyen has some of the best pies and sausage rolls, highly recommended.

ALF19 was added at Tailem Bend, and combined with GM43 GM42 and 2210 made short work of 31 grain hoppers, powering through Callington.

Early the next morning #3151 has 2210, GM42 and GM43 fight through the fog, on their way back to Pinnaroo, this time to the town silos, lots more shunting to do.

I got some detail shots of Pinnaroo, then we chased it back to Tailem Bend, counter meal done and dusted,

With the extra time to shunt the town silos, the crew change was accomplished on the branch today.  Thanks for the entertainment guys!

Inspirational operations!

If you want to see some video footage see the following links.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Enjoy more detail shots to come!


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Adelaide Model Railway exhibtion 2015

Hi All
Aprat from chasing the Pinnaroo line this weekend, I visited Glen and Wendy, alway great to catch up mate!
We checked out the Adelaide Model Railway exhibition.  There were some new layouts, a very complete GWR layout.  An N scale layout of Strathalbyn.

SARMA hade their layout.

Peter's Bridgewater layout, made an appearance at the exhibtion.

Ther are some interesting additions with data panels added to the side of the layout, very well presented!

here are some pictures of the GWR layout, again very well presented, some very good eye for detail.

The model of the waves is very convincing, great work!


Here are some shots of the N scale version of Strathalbyn.

Again there is some serious dedication with this model.

Here are some shots of an interesting USA Monon layout, again nice treatment.

Anyway hope you enjoy, I did pcik up some goodies!

CYA soon scott