Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barcoola MKII new board construction pictures part 2

Hi All

Continuing the pictures of the new Barcoola MKII boards.

First Picture, is one of the foam boards, painted, and base scenery, waiting for track to be installed.

Second picture, The points were prewired and positioned using the tracing paper templates made from the original track diagrams applied directly to MDF base of each board. The centre lines were transposed to the foam base, prior to installation of the track base made from cork.

Third picture, the cork has been laid directly over the base joints, the cork was glued to the foam base using acrilyic sealant, two thicknesses of cork have been used for the mainlines, one for the yard or track was laid directly on the foam. Map pins were used to hold the cork in place while the sealant cured. The scenery was shaped smooth using a sander, as was the cork, to ensure the track height transitions were smooth. Finaly the scenery was painted Bristol Burnt Sennia.

Forth picture, shows the Tool box clips which are used to hold the boards together. The cork has been held in place using map pins.

Fifth picture, shows new boards 2 and 3 in the process of being painted. drains have been installed into the foam using a soldering iron.

More to follow.


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