Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi All

I would like to share a few of the goodies that I picked up recently, A couple of WOAX's obtained at the 2011 Caulfield exhibition. Its about time, this model will well compliment the Barcoola wagon fleet. The kit is a one piece molding, comes with bogies, couplers, brass hand brake wheel, brass wire and decal sheet. Checking my prototype photos, it seems that the hand brake wheels are different to those in the kit. The version modeled has end doors for bulk end unloading. The decals reflect metric speeds and weights, with the small Westrail symbol. See prtotype photograph above.

Crisp casting, nice detail. interesting feature is a pads either side of the bolster at one end, to stop one of the bogies from vertical movement.

Would be a good afternoon project, a blast of reefer yellow, and suitable weathering.


Barccoola all packed up.

Hi All

Heres a picture of Barcoola all packed up, in the Train room.

This is how come we managed to fit all the boards into a 6 by 4 trailer. however, all this including the legs will fit in Jon's new 5 by 8 trailer.

Obviously illistrated, the reason why the underneath sections of the layout are covered with 3mm MDF. This creates self contained transit boxes that can be stacked in any configuration.

I am going to leave Barcoola in the packed configuration, so that I can start Alice Springs.


AFIY details, athearns new genesis series.

Hi All
Attached are some shots of the Athearn Genesis 89ft flats, and a previous 86ft flat re tooled.

The underframe detail.

The hand brake detail.

The ASF number five detail, note the different, fifth wheel mating plates.

The overiders, the early versions had timber overriders, where later or repaired wagons used steel box sections.

As you can see the differences in lengths.

The weight of this model is spot on for a flat car. The detail of this new tooling, is sweet. The only desision I have to make, do I cut them up to the right length, and which versions to model.
The plastic couplers have to go, with long trains, there seems to be no substitute for the good old Kadee number 5.

So yes, I had checked out the "trucks" box to see if I had enough spare trucks to cover any addtional flat cars. Yes I have more than enough to load these flats.


The Railmotor models PBGY's are here.

The PBGY prototype.
Some of the PBGYs are fitted with independent brake pipe, which is an advantage when controlling a heavy train, for example in a loop when the independent brake is applied, the brakes on the locomotives and PBGYs so fitted are also applied. Such and example is shown above.

Here is a great example of a short SCT train, this train leaves Adelaide on Sunday morning to connect with 7GP1 at Spencer Junction, and returns with loading from PG2 a perfect modeling example.

GM45 either a Lima kit bash, or Future due Trainorama model

442 from Austrains

80 Class from Austrains

Relay van kit bashed BGB Bluebird kit

PBHY possible kit bash from a PBGY

2 X PBGY From Railmotor models

The PBGY model.

Glen has already picked up some, the ultra modern version of Baroola is one step closer.

The underfame detail.

The end detail

The different types.

In discussion with Glen, and considering size of trains we intend to operate, we will have to figure out how to add a little bit of weight. Apart from that, its a great addtion to the ultra modern fleet. I am even thinking of kitbashing one into a Greater Freighter.

Anyway, Enjoy


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some pictures of Sydney exhibition, shunting layout with intermodal siding

Apart from the mish mash of eras, this layout as some interesting features.

No actual station, yes it is acceptable.

A intermodal terminal that is biger than a sheet of A4 paper.

Justin Moy's rolling stock on Barcoola

Hi All

During the exhibition in Sydney, some of Justin Moy's rolling stock made it on to Barcoola.

Doug was very impressed with the weathering, and has definitely influenced him with future projects. nice work.

WBAX with a round roof, check out the rust spots around the doors.

VLEX interesting roof scratches.

Flat roofed WBAX, rare.....

More Sadliers Vans

Hi All
On the way to Sydney, we managed to find a SP5 goods at Cootamundra, this goods had a number of NLKYs in the consist.

With the old National Rail Symbol and is turning slowly white.

The different louvered version in the latest livery.

Again slowly weathering white, not the Sadliers panel has been ripped off from the wagon, is probably in the dust somewhere on the TAR.

A nice mix of Sadliers vans.

SP5 waits just outside of Cootamundra West, while they attend to the safeworking, yes that right pulling a staff in 2011 on a mainline, then setting the level crossing gates.

Barcoola post Sydney Exhibition

Hi All

Just to let you know whats going on with Barcoola and future projects. Post the Sydney exhibition, we managed to come up with a list of "enhancements" for Barcoola, which I will share in detail, at a later date.

Two of the key points we got from exhibiting Barcoola at Sydney:

The need to reduce the amount of unused suport equipment we take. For example we had everyones tool boxes shoe horned into each car, yet the most efficient way would be to build a exhibition only tool box, thus will save space, for other items which we didnt have such as stools.

There was some equipment that was stored at other peoples places, I would like to limit this type of storage. The easiest way to manage the serviceablility and assess if it is required, is to have it all in the one location. Thus for an exhibition, we have all the appropriate boxes with exactly what we need, stored seperatly so there is no temptation to rifle through boxes to get that one item. Only to find it missing at the exhibition.

These changes will be key for smooth operations, for this and future layouts.

The more important decision is that I have decided to place Barcoola into storage to focus on Alice Springs and a separate project. That's not to say that Barcoola won't be seen again. If the opportunity presents itself and we have agreement from the operating crew, we may turn up here and there, but as the need to focus on a big project, we won't be actively looking for more exhibitions to go to, just when we get expressions of interest.

The only other reason to exhibit Barcoola would be completion of all the ultra modern rolling stock, I have had a discussion with Glen, and we would look at a complete day operating AN 1993, pack up all the rolling stock at the end of the day, then arrive the next day with the ultra modern stock. This will stop any cross era operations, and the only way to reduce the amount of boxes we have behind the layout, and limit stock we have to handle on any one day.

Importantly I have settled on an interim plan for Alice Springs, this will just involve the main yard and will use Barcoola's new fiddle yard. This will be phase one. This will enable me to focus on the most difficult part of the build, and get trains up and running as fast as possible. I have made peace with the duck under problem, and figure that if I can manage this in phase I it will make phase II.

I will publish plans of phase I and II, in due course.

The other projects I have in the back of my mind, one will involve more steel train operations. All of which can be achieved with standard construction techniques.



New Toys

Hi All

I recently spent some time in the USA, and managed to pick up some "new Toys" of interest is some Athearn Genesis 89ft channel sided flats, they are all new tooling, and lots of good detail, brake gear etc. They offer a version with the correct ACF screw type fifth wheel, and the rear fifth wheel is correctly located for a 40ft, so that cutting it up will be a little easier than the walthers kit. So I will see how I go converting these to AFIY's, will up load progress shots in due course. In the mean time please see some fifth wheel details from a ACF 75ft flat.



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Roadrailers MKIV

The end of a very long string of profitable Roadrailers

The bogie

The coupler mate

Hi All

Unlike Australia, Roadrailers are still in regular operations in the US, attached are some shots of the current 53ft versions.



Sorry to PK

Hi All

PK is a little bit of a steam fan, so man I appoligise for this shot of a operating QJ not JQ....

My bad....


Following a discussion with the guys from SDS models, for your information is a picture of an ATOY, two dome with a walkway on both sides, the frame an ex G open wagon, hence the shadow on the underfame, also note, the gap between the tank and the frame.

I think this could be kitbashed from some of the new tankers coming out.....



Sydney 2011

Hi All
Its been a while between posts, my bad have been out of range, and just made it home to get the layout loaded for the 2011 Sydney exhibition.
We could not use the wireless feature as Arkoola was using wireless, and if two layouts use it, both will not work.

Being the second visit to Sydney, its good to see some familiar faces. We had exhibited Barcoola back in 2005 at MKI, where MK2.5 is drasticly different. Some keen eyes spotted the changes.
I was surprised how popular the blog site has become, and thanks to the many that took time to introduces themselves as"followers"

Jon's new trailer made the trip a breeze, we managed to get the entire layout into the new 5 by 8.

Thanks to the following staff that took the time to operate Barcoola at Sydney.

Could not have been accomplished without you.

Many thanks to all for the kind comments, these included:
Where could we get the kit for the pub? it realy suit the layout.
You have definely caputured it, don't change.
The AN era captured, puuuurfect.

Below are some of the AN products up and comming.

Auscision's AHGX

Auscision's ABFX

Auscisions AOOX