Monday, March 10, 2014

Sandown model railway exhibition 2014 part 3

Hi All

Some of the layouts at the exhibition.

There was this interesting road and tram exhibit, I had a chat to a guy that has installed radio control in his trucks, has got me thinking this could be done for Alice Springs, give that extra extra dimension of operations.  Especially since I have already got the Faller system, and he give me tips to change them over to radio and the surface mount LEDs, nice!

Some more of his work.

Victoria bridge layout, nice weathering guys..
The SARMA layout had some interesting AN era trains, including the IP with the wedgetail symbol and an AD car.

One of the short 099 lead ore jobs.

The IP with a DL equipped with sound.

The first AN era BG grain train of particular note.

interesting shunting layout with what looks like a scratch built Vlocity set, gutsy job there.
N scale is coming along leaps and bounds.

Here is the latest from Aust-N-rail.
the website



Sandown model Railway exhibition 2014 part 2 and SDS up coming models

HI All

Some more interesting items from the Sandown exhibition, you can't go past SDSs stand, with the pilot models of the NQJW, 80ft container flat.
I assume that a V/Line version is in the wings somewhere?
Steve has done a great job on the pilot version, he was nice enough to take it out of the display case, for these shots.

Looking at the attention to detail, there is little doubt that this will be popular with modellers alike including 1990s modellers like myself, and ultra modern such as Glen.

More importantly, this wagon has been designed to operate, it is well weighted and thus will be able to be operated as an empty wagon.  The fish belly frame is a metal casting, and the coupler swing enables the wagon to operate around tight curves, Steve mentioned that the pilot model worked on the layout "Smalldon Curve" 18" radius without a problem.

Great detail and built for reliable operations, gets a bit two thumbs up from Barcoola!

Link to their website, check out their new refrigerated containers, nice.

 Note the extra coupler swing, and the shunters step detail.
 the metal fish belly

I must also congratulate SDS for coming up with the first purpose built AN container flat wagon in RTR no less, the AQCY and AQCX, and it could not be in better hands.
Below are the pilot models, the VR V/Line VQCX is in the background with the two equipment boxes.  and the AN AQCY AQCX is in the foreground.

A testament to Steve's attention to detail, note the different locations of brake gear between the AN and V/line versions.

 These wagons are also running around on QRN PN etc so this will save Glen valuable time with ultra modern Barcoola.

Thanks for taking the plunge SDS, PS if you are thinking of any additional models,

how about a AQSY, there are 600 odd examples and still in use with PN QRN etc, would make all my Christmas's!

the example above is on AP5, with 140Kph bogies, note the red patch on the bogie frame.

Some more shots of SARMA's layout.
 The rare and elusive 500 class shunter.

Classic SAR station.