Thursday, September 28, 2017

Murray River Bridge photographic research

Hi All
Well with a bit of maneuvering we were able to knock off two birds with one stone.
Glen required some help with his new assignment.  Which meant a delivery of equipment, and a back load.  (Glen you now officially owe me a favor) This also meant that we could swing past Murray River Bridge.  Most of the tribe came along as well, no doubt I got some constructive advice, from the back seat.
One of the farmers was quite chatty and a "lean to" conversation was had as to what we were doing. etc.
We also managed to do some shopping at the Orient Express, just made it on Saturday afternoon, do some more scenery material.

So all very successful couple of days.

 long flat road was not sealed in 1988 - 1989

 jumble of fencing.