Sunday, September 30, 2012

Auscision's new locomotive UGL C43 C44ACi

Hi All

Just to let you know Auscision's new locomotive is the UGL C43 C44ACi.
I am not sure which liveries are going to be done at this time.
but there is plenty to chose from:
QRN 5001 to 5012
QRN 5021 to 5039
QRN 6001 to 6012 
QRN 6021 to 6032
GWA's GWU 201 to 209
PN 9201 to 9215
ARG's AC, ACA & ACB class
CFCLA CF4401 to 4406
Xtrada XRN001 to XRN020
SSR (this is the one they are advertising.)
CEY001 to CEY007
PN 9301 to 9308

The pipe side of this model looks like it is not half relief, yippy!

It seems strange that Austrains didn't have this on their radar, not exactly a one for one by any stretch, but the NR tooling would have been a great starting point.

As Glen rightly pointed out, there are close to the same number of UGL C44ACi running around now than NR's.
last count its up to 139 units.

So this model will fill the gap in the ultra modern theme, as Alice Springs could do with some GWU's.
and Barcoola could do with some 6000's



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  1. Don't forget CFCL Australia CF class and QR Nationals 6020 class.