Saturday, June 22, 2019

Adelaide Model Railway Exhibition 2019 report.

Hi All

Murray River Bridge attended this year's Adelaide Model Railway Exhibition.

It was very refreshing to chat to a stack of Blog and Youtube followers.
there must have been at least 10 people a day, came up and chatted to me about the activity and that they were following the progress.

it is amazing just how much reach these tools have and who is watching.

The layout itself performed well, except the Cobalt SS point motors, a couple of them were continually getting out of calibration.
I am not sure that I have a fix for it right now, its very much a PITA.
Luckily this is at just one end of the layout.

Just about every train was stalked by cameras, phones or video cameras, it was hard to just find space to do your own filming!

I met some great enthusiastic modelers, Des, Tony (ex PUG cop), Jay (a young modeler with great ideas, he is doing a 3d model of a 2000 class railcar, really impressive work), Clive Huggins he was inspiration to me in building track, I read the print of his articles all those years ago, I am really happy he is still active, and he loved MRB, got the concept of the layout, what a gentleman!
The usual suspects, from FB, Dave, Tony, John, Damien,and Shaneo (we had a good chat regarding his future layout plans, he has lots of space and focused ideas).
Ron and Roger from the exhibition organisation committee.

The exhibition itself did not have as much SA content as I had expected.

There was one ultra modern layout that was very interesting in concept.  Crystal Brook (Warnertown end).

The award wining Black River from Tasmania (I was hoping that it was a replication of the location)
never the less, a very detailed layout.

The stalwart Strathburn.

I am glad we made the effort to attend, I know the attendees enjoyed the show.

thanks to John and Katie, Helen, Elly, Glen and Doug for their support.


Friday, June 21, 2019

Murray River Bridge Model Railway Layout Changes

Hi All

I decided to make some changes to board number 1, modify the tunnel and add the Pub.  Fred from Orient Express was the instigator of these changes, it his fault! 
Here is a consolidated look at the changes that have been made to Murray River Bridge, these debuted the Adelaide Model Railway Exhibition 2019:

Parts 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Doing the roads!

Part 5

Almost complete

Current configuration. Apologies for the camera shake, its really hard to get good shots of your own layout at the Adelaide exhibition.



Tuesday, April 2, 2019

GWAs Port Lincoln Division trip 2019

Hi All

Here are some shots of our resent trip to the GWAs Port Lincoln Division.

On Monday the 25th we found 905 873 850 and 1203 busy in Port Lincoln yard assembling today's train.
905 873 850 and 1203 work the yard as 1204 pushes 1602 back into the workshops.
Rudall bound at Coomunga
near Wanilla

At the 119Km Post
At the 129Km Post
At the 129Km Post

Arriving at Rudall
Next morning the 26th assembling the train, to service the Cummins bunker.  1204 went for the ride for a shakedown.
On the return at the 30Km Post.
A gaggle of Gunzels at the 30Km Post.
just outa town.
Arriving at Port Lincoln.
906 shunting the dumpers at Port Lincoln.
27th of March at the 60Km Post
Salty Creek
104Km post
Salt pans near Kynacutta
29th of March just out of Port Lincoln
Bridge near Prime road.
Near Rudall
Rudall bunker with Gunzels
906 dumping "silvers" HANs on the morning of the 30th of March
907 GWN005 lead an empty to Iron Knight
One of the railfans we met on the Port Lincoln division said the Iron Knob line was closed, so we are surprised when we got this train from Iron Knob. GWN002 and 1302 on a loaded.

GWN001 and 1301 passed Iron Knob Junction on their way to Iron Baron.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Rudall South Australia ultra modern detail shots

Hi All

For those that need to be obsessive about things, I am looking at a small layout on a ultra modern version of Rudall (pronounced) Rud -dal.
This location is on the soon to be closed Eyre Peninsula "lower" region. 
Rudall is great for watching the train reverse and accomplishing a double shunt.  The train is longer than the single double ended siding, thus requires the double shunt.
It seems that the bunker at the south end of town is the main reason for these trains, I would guess that the town silos are only for any overflow.

I have been slowly collecting rolling stock for such a layout.