Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Some ultra modern locomotives for Murray River Bridge.

Hi All

I have been doing some work on some ultra modern locomotives for Murray River Bridge.

NR9 with checker pattern.
 NR102 with a slight roof fade.
 Patched DL41 complete with faded panels.
 NR18, Circa 2014, complete with faded panels.

 TOLL Auscision reefer box.
 Auscision AN7 with checker pattern.

little by little I am getting there.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Murray River Bridge layout progress and other things, plus Auscision 830 class with sound test.

Hi All

Just a quick update as to whats going on with MRB.

Installation of NEC control wiring, and DCC Concepts Cobalt SS point motors.

Test run of Auscision 830 class locomotives with sound.

Future projects.



Thursday, July 12, 2018

Barcoola happening for the remainder of this year, Murray River Bridge and others.

Hi All

Well the tail end of this year is going to be busy.
Firstly, by the end of this year Murray River Bridge will have been to three exhibitions in three different states of Australia.

Roger and Dave have collaborated to put a BC Rail layout into production, I am handling the base  construction, simply because I have the space and the capacity.

New Aussie layout to be put into production (I am down to two candidates, and this is just for exhibition purposes).  I expect this to be completed fairly quickly.

I have designed a purely ultra modern layout, but this needs to be 30ft long, so I might have to wait for the house build to kick that one off.  However I am hoping to use the current fiddle yard, with and additional board in it.

Barcoola inspiration, I got some good feed back from a fellow Blogger telling me they used my ultra modern grain operations blog as inspiration for the design of their layout.
Taking the concept further and adding container operations and being more prototypical to the location they were modeling.  They shared their design, and I was very impressed, design features included.
Lots of space between locations.
A less is more approach, less track, thus reducing construction time, and increasing operator satisfaction.
A very intelligent main yard design which increased the mainline run, while maintaining a prototypical feel.
Walk in layout, with lots of operator space.
No fiddle - staging yard, getting to replicate the compete operations is somehow very satisfying,
A great operational concept, not too complicated, not covered in track, not a nightmare to build, looks like it goes somewhere, just the right amount of complexity, without being a brain teaser.

I am happy that the blog could provide a modeler with the just the right amount of inspiration to distill their wants, evaluate what they could realistically achieve.

With the boards already up, they are well on their journey and I can't wait to see this layout grow to completion.

Enjoy Scott

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Proposed new layout "Huddleston Curves"

Hi All

There is no doubt that I enjoy investigating new layout concepts, setting mock ups out to see if they are visually striking etc.
Following the end of the Epping Rosehill exhibition, the train room was empty and I had a chance to mock up a proposed layout called "Huddleston Curves".  Huddleston is a location just East of Crystal Brook, on the Broken Hill line.  For South Oz gunzels, its a fairly iconic location.
The area has a set of very appealing reverse curves, trains always look good going around reverse curves.
The old narrow gauge mainline also comes very close to the standard gauge mainline at this location.

The location can span alot of eras, given the concrete sleepers were laid in 1990, basically, this location has remained the same till now.

Thus I could have AN era trains and ultra modern trains without modification of the location.

The proposed model would just be the Standard gauge mainline, and the sections of the right of way for the old narrow gauge.  Thus another "no station" type of layout.
Doug has coined the phase, "operating Diorama", I guess that's fairly accurate.

I find if you clear your mind of needing a station, the modelling potential is almost limit less.

The proposed layout will fit into the current train room, in fact would be narrower than MRB and would use the same fiddle yard.

Here is a video of the mock up.



Monday, June 25, 2018

Murray River Bridge and the Epping Rosehill Gardens exhibition 2018 post script.

I was impressed with the organization skills and overall presentation of the enlarged Epping Rosehill Gardens exhibition, Glen has been to this exhibition a number of times however this was my first time to any other exhibition in NSW apart from Liverpool.
Its nice to have carpet and airconditioning, outstanding to say the least.
Going to exhibitions as far as I am concerned is to inspire, then entertain.
Murray river Bridge managed to get consistent good feedback.  A lot the attendees liked the size of the bridge and it was a big statement.  Admittedly this layout is for exhibition only, so as long as it has a clear statement then its done its job.

On Saturday there was one very young lad that would not leave the layout, his father had to retrieve him a number of times, he was definitely inspired, so by day one we had done our job!
As it turned out, he was quite a knowledgeable, and we discussed consists of the ultra modern era.  Even though an exhibition can get hectic, I took the time to listen as he listed out his locomotives and rolling stock, what he does, whats his passion etc, for him it was clearly also a father son bonding experience, there is no doubt in my mind he left the exhibition inspired.

Blog followers:
Its great to get good feedback from followers, clearly seeing MRB in the 2 dimensions on the blog and on youtube is fine but in the third dimension it has a lot of impact.
So you don’t get the full impact of the size of the bridge until you see it in person.

A lot of attendees commented that they liked the no station concept, and I agree with them, it frees you to accomplish bigger scenes.  In fact this is the main reason MRB was invited.
Using an actual location is great because everyone recognizes it, and MRB is a really great location as very little has changed, between 1990 and now even the tracks under the bridge are still there, but covered by asphalt.
So as far as I am concerned, MRB is a success.

What worked what needs more work.

The lighting made a huge difference to the appearance, and I got a steady stream of question from attendees where did I get them and how I constructed them.
I noticed when we first set them up in the train room, they pump out a lot of light and its very even, however I still need something right at the front to direct light to the side of the bridge.  I did experiment with a couple of fixes but they either proved too expensive, time consuming, or just looked silly.
Thus with the exhibition day becoming closer, I decided to give myself more “think” time to solve this issue.

Rolling stock transit boxes
They were perfect, some advantages were:
Nice and big therefore easier to transport.
Un packing and loading was a lot quicker.
Each shelf could be moved around and stacked anywhere without the fear of damage.
The shelves were light enough to be unloaded - loaded on the fiddle yard, therefore no stooping down etc all on the one level.
Each compartment is designed to fit a particular wagon type, it’s a bit of a puzzle at first but again overall time from start to finish was dramatically reduced.
John and Katie were given the task and they did a great job, Helen even took the opportunity to use it for transporting the removable bridge sections.

Where is it?
I took a different tact at this exhibition and I made sure the exhibition program stated where MRB was, unfortunately we still got questions about where exactly Murray River Bridge, D’oh!  Obviously I need to do better.
However when questioned the crew could rattle it off the location no worries.
I had hoped to complete a presentation (time got the better of me) and thus enable the attendees to thumb through it.  UK exhibitions use this to great effect, as some exhibitors model some extremely obscure locations, and it really helps to have a back story.
So for the next exhibition I will have a display of where it is and some historical shots etc to give the layout the proper back story.

I spent most of the Saturday morning consisting the locomotives for each train, not the end of the world, but I think for future exhibitions I will pre consist the locomotives and set them up in the boxes so its clear which locos go together and facing which direction, simply a time saving exercise.
I did a re consist of a train for Glen on Monday only to realize that I had used the same consist number as the GWA grain train, it took me awhile to re consist everything so again a lesson was to not stuff with consists just make a new one an swap out all the locos.

Wireless NCE.
John really saved my bacon, he built a daisy chain for the NCE controllers just incase there was another layout with the wireless system.
He was right on that count, Arakoola was having big issues, I tested it on Friday and realized there was another system in the hall and shut our system down.
We were able to continue operating using the daisy chain.  However I reckon John is right we need something set up for future exhibitions.  A more permanent solution is required.

Point control.
The finger control that currently works in the fiddle yard, its fine, but it is labour intensive.
I have purchased some cobolt surface mount motors, what I need to figure out is if I need a control panel.  I don’t like them, however it’s a group.

One detractor;
I guess its one of those things where no mater what, someone as to complain about something, they liked the concept and they liked what was done, however they had an issue with the side lighting, I explained to them my plan but it is what it is right now, however they kept going on about it, seemed quite animated for some reason.
I just put it down to a lack of appreciation of what had been accomplished.
The layout they were looking at is ten months old, its been built by one person, it is the size of most club layouts,  Its already been modified and includes three extra boards. All the locos and rollingstock has been modified and weathered.  Oh, and its been transported 800 odd Kilometres for you to see it!

With thanks:
John and Katie, Peter, Ally and Austin for being there when we needed it, thanks a lot.
Glen, glad you could be there, (it was the first time he has seen the layout in 3D), we managed to find is jaw on the floor somewhere, when he saw it.
Finally Helen, a true believer in the boxcar hobos J we rock!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Murray River Bridge at Epping Rosehill model railway exhibtion 2018

Hi All

Well Murray River Bridge made it to Epping new exhibition at Rosehill, NSW.
I must say that I was very impressed with the location, the facilities, and the organisation, I reckon this exhibition was for me is much better than liverpool (in its current format).

It was great to catch up with fellow bloggers Ben, and Chris, and others that keenly follow the blog.

Its not till you get to an exhibition, do you realize how many modelers follow what you do!

Here are some videos of the trains we were running on the weekend exhibition.

Here is a good one with some oversight.

Auscision also posted some shots on their Facebook site.

We all had a blast, see ya all real soon now.


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Goldfields Iron Ore explorer - Aurizon's Aurizon Koolyanobbing to Esperance WA operations.

Hi All

I thought I would put up some pictures from a trip to WA's Goldfields, the aim was to get some footage of the Aurizon and Min Res operations before they become extinct.

We were too late to get Min Res operations as they shut down the month before.  But Aurizon did put on a show.

 MRL005 and MRL003 stowed in Forrestfield yard.

 Some MHPYs two pack hopper cars

  Freshly painted DFZ2403
 Stored in Avon Yard are some forlaun L classes, L3108 amd L3118
 Still in Westrail sorta! L3113
 LZ3106 in Aurizon "play scKool" livery.
 NR27 rolls through Merredin with Great Southern Railways Indian Pacific passenger service.
 6024 ACC6032 in the distance mid train are ACB4402 AC4306, have just swung through the points at Binduli heading for Koolyanobbing
 ACB4402 and AC4306 pushing over the grade.

 The Cockburn Cement shunt is handled by the lead locomotives off 025, heading to Parkeston is Q4012 and Q4014
 6028 AC4307 6027 lead mid train remotes ACC6030 ACB4403

 remotes ACC6030 ACB4403
 Q4014 returning from the shunt with Cockburn Cement, here is a video of the shunt operations, with their shunter.

 6023 crosses empty ACB4402 AC4306 and mid train ACC6031 and AC4301

Here is some video footage of the empty with 6023 on the lead.

 With the fuel train from Esperance to Kalgoorlie taken over by PN, its now an awkward shunt movement, that is now too long for the run around, lots of complicated swithc backs now!

 Q4001 awating a train order from Redmine, the BHP Nickle refinery to Kambalda
 6024 amd ACC6032 lead a pile of Iron Ore dust in the wake.
 6026 covered in Iron Ore dust, 26Km from the mine.
Q4017 hauls the remnants for Aurizon's intermodal fleet to Forrestfield for sale and disposal.

Enjoy! Scott