Friday, June 15, 2018

Murray River Bridge at Epping Rosehill model railway exhibtion 2018

Hi All

Well Murray River Bridge made it to Epping new exhibition at Rosehill, NSW.
I must say that I was very impressed with the location, the facilities, and the organisation, I reckon this exhibition was for me is much better than liverpool (in its current format).

It was great to catch up with fellow bloggers Ben, and Chris, and others that keenly follow the blog.

Its not till you get to an exhibition, do you realize how many modelers follow what you do!

Here are some videos of the trains we were running on the weekend exhibition.

Here is a good one with some oversight.

Auscision also posted some shots on their Facebook site.

We all had a blast, see ya all real soon now.


Thursday, May 31, 2018

Goldfields Iron Ore explorer - Aurizon's Aurizon Koolyanobbing to Esperance WA operations.

Hi All

I thought I would put up some pictures from a trip to WA's Goldfields, the aim was to get some footage of the Aurizon and Min Res operations before they become extinct.

We were too late to get Min Res operations as they shut down the month before.  But Aurizon did put on a show.

 MRL005 and MRL003 stowed in Forrestfield yard.

 Some MHPYs two pack hopper cars

  Freshly painted DFZ2403
 Stored in Avon Yard are some forlaun L classes, L3108 amd L3118
 Still in Westrail sorta! L3113
 LZ3106 in Aurizon "play scKool" livery.
 NR27 rolls through Merredin with Great Southern Railways Indian Pacific passenger service.
 6024 ACC6032 in the distance mid train are ACB4402 AC4306, have just swung through the points at Binduli heading for Koolyanobbing
 ACB4402 and AC4306 pushing over the grade.

 The Cockburn Cement shunt is handled by the lead locomotives off 025, heading to Parkeston is Q4012 and Q4014
 6028 AC4307 6027 lead mid train remotes ACC6030 ACB4403

 remotes ACC6030 ACB4403
 Q4014 returning from the shunt with Cockburn Cement, here is a video of the shunt operations, with their shunter.

 6023 crosses empty ACB4402 AC4306 and mid train ACC6031 and AC4301

Here is some video footage of the empty with 6023 on the lead.

 With the fuel train from Esperance to Kalgoorlie taken over by PN, its now an awkward shunt movement, that is now too long for the run around, lots of complicated swithc backs now!

 Q4001 awating a train order from Redmine, the BHP Nickle refinery to Kambalda
 6024 amd ACC6032 lead a pile of Iron Ore dust in the wake.
 6026 covered in Iron Ore dust, 26Km from the mine.
Q4017 hauls the remnants for Aurizon's intermodal fleet to Forrestfield for sale and disposal.

Enjoy! Scott

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Murray River Bridge new LED panel lights for the new wide boards

Hi All

After making the decision to widen Murray River Bridge by about 2 feet, I needed to make new lights that would cover the expansive display area.

After a long think about it, I came up with a solution to the problem I created.

LED panel lights are replacements for normal dual florescent tube lights.

LED panels are very thin, about 10mm thick, and thus are fairly light weight.

I selected the 4000K light from Lighting Style.

In bulk they are fairly cheap, 295mm by 1200mm by 10mm high, they come with a 240vac plug and transformer.
Thus in transit the Transformer can be removed from the light.

To hang the panels over the layout, I did some research on what would be available, I settled n Qubelok, from Aluminium Trade Centre.

I didn't want to spend time cutting up the Aluminium, or trying to figure out how it get it to fit.  Qubelok does this for me.

They have offer a length of Aluminium with a 7mm leg, designed for glass inserts, I figured I could use this as a "shelf" to hold the LED light panel in.  The Qubelok sections are 25.4mm wide so thick enough to protect the LED light panel inside the frame.

I designed a rectangular top to take the  LED light panel, that would reach over the layout by 4ft 4 inches. Qubelok is available in custom lengths and they will cut that quite accurately.
frames can be assembled using leg Joiners, in the Qubelok library.

Thus you can have all this pre cut, with eg Joiners you want, all sent to you as a package.

Another design requirement was that the lights would fit in the back of the truck easily.
Thus had to be able to be easily broken down.
I designed the legs attached to the light panels to be short, and behind the back drop I designed stands with telescoping fittings that would accept the feet for the frames, thus it would be an easy assemble and dis assemble, IE no tools required.

Here is a video of how they all fit in.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Barcoola wagons go international thanks to Iain Hunter and his Layout Broadford.

Hi All

Barcoola wagons have now transversed the Globe and are operating on Iain Hunter's Broadford layout in the UK.

The crew sent me a couple of pictures of the wagons working on Iain's layout.  Broadford is a regular on the UK exhibition circuit.



Monday, April 16, 2018

Murray River Bridge locomotive fleet initial weathering

Hi All

Just to let you know whats going on with Murray River Bridge, I have done an initial bulk weathering run on the 1990 era locomotives for the layout.  Here is a video of each locomotive and what was done.



Yarra Valley Model Railway Exhibition Easter 2018

HI All

I have some video footage of the Yarra Valley Model Railway Exhibition over Easter 2018.

Yarra Valley Exhibition 2018 youtube play list

Enjoy  Scott

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Ramping up for the next big challenge, Murray River Bridge goes interstate

Hi All

Murray River Bridge is going on on a long trip to an exhibition.
I have been preparing for this for a while.

Here is my aim for this is:
  • The layout or layouts can be put into the trailer and the 4X4 (including all the support equipment).
  • The Layout - layouts can be set up by two people, IE Helen and me.
  • reduction of boxes to bring, standardize things.  Ryobi BloX to hold the locomotives, controllers, tools, power supplies etc.  Everything has its place and is secure (no small boxes).
  • New lighting, LED light panels for a start, custom built transit carry assembly.
  • Easy to unload and load rolling stock, only two boxes, that can be done by anyone.
  • Install point motors on the fiddle - staging yard, this is simply to make the operation of the layout easier for one person operation.
  • Good Presentation and inter-reaction with the public - audience, add a story to the layout, where it is and what it was like in the day, maybe even handouts etc, it give people a back story and I think its important even if you are modeling a real location.
  • Correct Trains consists for the era,this sounds simple but alot of work needs to go into correct composition.
  • finally,and hopefully, provide a modeler with inspiration.
Enjoy, Scott