Sunday, September 30, 2012

Auscision's new locomotive UGL C43 C44ACi

Hi All

Just to let you know Auscision's new locomotive is the UGL C43 C44ACi.
I am not sure which liveries are going to be done at this time.
but there is plenty to chose from:
QRN 5001 to 5012
QRN 5021 to 5039
QRN 6001 to 6012 
QRN 6021 to 6032
GWA's GWU 201 to 209
PN 9201 to 9215
ARG's AC, ACA & ACB class
CFCLA CF4401 to 4406
Xtrada XRN001 to XRN020
SSR (this is the one they are advertising.)
CEY001 to CEY007
PN 9301 to 9308

The pipe side of this model looks like it is not half relief, yippy!

It seems strange that Austrains didn't have this on their radar, not exactly a one for one by any stretch, but the NR tooling would have been a great starting point.

As Glen rightly pointed out, there are close to the same number of UGL C44ACi running around now than NR's.
last count its up to 139 units.

So this model will fill the gap in the ultra modern theme, as Alice Springs could do with some GWU's.
and Barcoola could do with some 6000's



Monday, September 24, 2012

Alice Springs construction progress

Hi All
Alice Springs has come alive with a south side of the yard laid.  Here is some progress shots.
Doug came by for a construction inspection, I will let you know when we can start operating!

The CLP and 603 sit in the space of the locomotive depot, to the right is the end loading trackage, in the background is the main yard tacks, in the distance to the location of the goods shed.

The north end of the yard, trackage to the left is the going to the industrial  branch., the curved Peco Point the  northern end of the yard.

The yard looking east, at the west end of the yard is a set of double  crossovers, trackage to the left is the intermodal tracks, a new addition is a dummy track to the south side industrial sidings, in ultra modern Alice Springs, this road is used to store Sadabin's tankers, so I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate this section of trackage.

In the real Alice Springs the distance between the goods shed and the intermodal sidings are a lot wider, however this is the maximum width that I could build for operators to have access to both sides of the yard, the Fuller road system will be going in where the black Kenworth is standing.

The east end of the yard looking east.  The turntable is a Walthers build up, will fit within the 60mm thick  board.

The yard looking west, the track in the middle of frame is the carriage cleaning siding, I have also added a point to access the turntable, again as per prototype.

The southern end of the yard looking north. 

Intermodal sidings are to the right, main line and arrival and departure sidings are at the left.

The turntable control will be hidden behind a fence, now is a dirt bike store.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alice Springs Circa 1980

Hi All

With everything going crazy, things finally settled down to a low roar.  As such I have managed to wire and seal all the Alice Springs yard boards.  The Turntable is a Walthers 90ft built up.  The boards have been painted a base colour.
The end result is what Alice Springs might look like in 1980.



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aucision's release of the AHGX grain hopper

Hi All
At the Caulfield exhibition on Melbourne, Aucision released the AN AHGX.
This model has opened up a number of potential modeling locations in Grain growing locations across SA, and across the boarder in Victoria.
The AHGX was a true all rounder, operating on Broad, Standard and Narrow gauge. (Port Lincoln division)
I know what you are thinking, what use is a AHGX when I am modeling Alice Springs?  however, the Recorder published a photo of a AHGX in AN livery in Alice Springs.  I seems that the service is not dead in AN times, and the AHGX was used to deliver feed grain, complete with auger positioned for delivery.

The AHGX would be a great addition to any future triple gauge layout.

The model itself is a very good rendition of the prototype, separate roof walks, good end detail.

The model represents the mid AN era with a solid AN symbol, later versions have a AN symbol in stencil form.
Lots of good weathering to accomplish with this model.
Norm Bray has some good shots of AHGX on his website.

Aucisions link for the AHGX