Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday for the layout A Town Like Alice

Hi All

The layout A Town Like Alice is now two years old, and celebrate this milestone, the final boards for Bow River have been completed.
I have roughed in the trackage, so there is a mainline passing loop and goods siding, of the good siding are for kick back sidings, one for Cattle, three for storage, a run-around, and end loading.

 Marking out the curves for entry into the fiddle yard.

 Another creature comfort is the walkway carpet I added in the walkways, this has reduced the fatigue for the operators, some will still require a chair, so this is also provided.
 In the interim between actually building industries, I have created these cards to let the operators know which industry is where and what it will accept, additionally where there is an unprotected crossing, I have clear instructions to the crew, for that the need to do, when crossing.

So happy second birthday to A town Like Alice.



Monday, November 18, 2013

Mount Gambier goods invades Alice Springs

Hi All

Another impromptu operating session, resulted in Michael bringing over two trains for a proposed Mount Gambier layout.

Roger and myself manage to shunt out, two freights, while Mount Gambier trains plied the mainline.

This included:
Two new 900 Class models, a string of SAR AN and ANR wagons, sort of make the layout even bigger.
Three flat top Ts and a string of VR cattle wagons.
One bluebird in the mix.

 Nice Nose shot of 900

Would be nice to see one 900 in AN green with covers over the fans, double skin roof, airconditioner, covered in desert dust!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alice Springs and a eureka moment

Hi All

I have been racking my brain as how to get the Mereenie Oil Sidings and Bow Rivers cattle sidings, and thanks to an inspirational operating session and long lunch, thanks to Jon Michael, John and Kattie.

I think I have cracked it.

 With the fiddle yard complete, things are starting to come together.
 I have decided to put Mereenie Oil sidings up against the back drop and go to a dead end, probably with a spring switch, so that you don't have to manually attend to the south switch.
 The mainline curves off the Bow River Bridge, and comes onto Bow river yard.  Three tracks and a kick back siding with a run around track and storage.
 the cattle sidings looking south.
 The entrance to the fiddle yard.
 An overview.

 New trackage at the north of the yard.

 The positioning of the new crossover in the middle of the yard.



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Alice Springs fiddle yard completed

Hi All

Here is some shots of Alice Springs fiddle yard.
As luck would have it, I have enough room to set it up part of the layout on the Decking,  this makes laying the track easier as I can get to both sides of the board, what can I say the advantage of a sectional layout.

 Looking south towards Alice Springs, the head shunt is to the left, the three roads curving to the right are heading to Bow River.
 The track is held in place using "liquid nails", I find this process saves time.  I laid all this trackage in about 10 hours, and most of this was prep work ensuring the curves are spot on.
 looking north, there is a cross over between the main line and the northern head shunt.  In ultra modern operations, this end will represent all points north.
 Here is the make shift radi marker I made up to ensure all the curves are as required.
 A view looking railway south, the fiddle yard entrance, tentatively called "Todd Junction".
 I have built these boards with a central spine so that I can install a removable backdrop, it is designed to fit 6mm MDF with a friction fit, no bolts or anything, just the weight of the board holds it in place.  This means that if we have any "incident" in the fiddle yard I can still get to all points when set up in the train room.
 For this section of the layout, I have used Peco code 83 electro frog #6 points, and Atlas code 83 concrete flexi track, thanks to Overland hobbies for the advice on that one, I am impressed with the Peco code 83 points, just a bit more work involved in cutting and wiring prior to installation.
This shot should illistrate how the ,mainline will continue over the bridge and then curve around into Bow River, the fiddle yard boards will be hidden by the 6mm MDF panels.
Just got to put in the droppers and we are good to go.

All this work has kept the layout out of operation for the week, standby...