Monday, May 25, 2015

Alice Springs Buildings the goods shed

Hi All

i have finished the skeleton of the good shed for Alice Springs.  This is the second hardest building in Alice Springs yard, the hardest will be the station building (circa 1986).

Anyway, this is built like the locomotive depot using 6mm MDF, the end result is a very strong and stable building.

Starting to look more like its name sake!

Three 75ft wagons fit with ease into the goods shed.

The platforms are 16mm MDf.

Nails are in place, just for the glue to dry.

As it should the goods shed dominates the yard.

Rough sizings next to a 40ft trailer.

Anyway, the rest of the buildings are smaller simpler industrial sheds, should be a total of about three.  I am happy with this method of building large structures.

One more step to completion.

Enjoy, scott

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Little shunting layout plan in lincoln Ave Port of Tacoma WA USA

The USA is covered with little possible model railway shunting layouts, and Tacoma Washington is one such location.

I drove downtown from the car museum (worth a look BTW), and stumbled across the Sounder station, just as I turned up, a Sounder train arrived heading north.  Nice, and click!

I decided to roaming aimlessly around the Tacoma Port area, being a Sunday evening the place was fairly deserted.
I stumbled upon, this interesting section of line.
While following the line down Lincoln ave, and Port of Tacoma Road, I noticed, a extremely short head shunt.  I had to stop and double check to see if it was real, and it was, note that the wheel stops have been cut off, I assume to enable the cowcatchers of locomotives pass over the stops.

This head shunt is very short, check out this google earth image, against the 53ft trailer.

I think that would be at the best very difficult to shunt one wagon at a time, I am guessing that they used two locomotives to shunt this location, and then could have shunted two tankers at a time.

Here is an overview of the Lincoln Ave section of railway.

1. Tacoma Rail line from the north.
2. Short head shunt.
3. Tanker sidings, served via the short head shunt.
4.  Bulk fuel sidings.
5.  Industry.

 The "mainline" through Lianga pacific Inc

 "mainline" across Port of Tacoma road.
 Lead to the head shunt.
 End of the head shunt, across Port of Tacoma road.
 the approach, to the siding.
 The cut down, wheel stops.
 The mainline through Lianga pacific Inc
 The siding from the head shunt through Lianga pacific Inc
 the siding and gate that leads to the tanker sidings.
 The crossing.
 The "mainline" crossing Lincoln ave
 Head shunt to the left "mainline to the right.

 Lianga pacific Inc receiving.
 Lianga pacific Inc car park.
 the new tank sidings crossing Lincoln Ave

 New crossing over Lincoln ave.
 south side industry.

 Looking north.
 looking south.

Given the short section of trackage, it would be an interesting slice of the Port of Tacoma.

Both ends have a convenient curve which would help in model form, and trains can just pass through the scene with a purpose.  Thus more equipment variety without any angst.

Anyway it just goes to prove in the USA you can almost stumble across a model shunting layout without even trying.