Friday, September 28, 2018

SDS models are now offering Weathered by Barcoola models

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SDS models are offering custom weathered NR class models check out their news on their site.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Koolyanobbing, and Koolyanobbing East Proposed new layout

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Post Caulfield exhibition, Glen and myself had an informal discussion as to what he would like to see in a new layout, and we discussed various locations, most of which were ultra modern.
Glen noted that some shunting would be preferable, to be incorporated into a new layout.
I did a couple of mock ups some of which were unsuitable at this point in time simply because there is not the space, right now.

So some constraints on any new layout:
Construction to be no greater than six months time frame.
Should incorporate some form of shunting.
Possible to be operated in a dual era, IE 1990s to ultra modern.
Needs to fit in the current train room.
Needs to fit in the current trailer.

We did discuss one location which we had both looked at awhile back, and its one of those things when there becomes a tipping point of modelling a prototype becomes alot easier.
Koolyanobbing WA is such a location.
Until recently, the yard was serviced by a freight service hauling bulk salt.
In the mid 1990s it would be an average of about 6 wagons with salt containers, so a manageable train.
At Koolyanobbing East there is a ore loading balloon loop, this was installed in 1994 for export ore through the Port of Esperance.

Model wise, the WAGR L class is available from two manufactures, Haskell and Southern Rail Models.
The WQCXs are available in all versions from Westrail models.
The WO ore wagons are available from Haskell.
there is even available a 3D print of the Prospector Cars.

For ultra modern.
You can get an ARG L class from Haskell, and Southern Rail models.
The WOs are still working in the ultra modern era.
Auscision have the AC and ACB models.
no doubt in the future this will be operated by MinRes MRLs.

So when I mean tipping point, now the rolling stock is available, it opens up locations like  Koolyanobbing as an attractive location to model.

Thus we have a tipping point.

Here are some research shots of the location.
Some are from Weston Langford.
Others are from the net and the rest are mine from 2018.

Here is the proposed track plan.