Monday, July 13, 2015

extra goovy Graffiti on a BNSF covered hopper car 425765

Hi All

Check out this groovy Graffiti on BNSF Covered hopper car #425765

 It looks like the BNSF symbol is the eye of a crazy monster, very creative!
 Here is the side of the entire hopper.
Here is another picture, showing the twist in the tongue!

Would make a very interesting modeling job.

Enjoy Scott

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Alice Springs progress.

Hi All

i have been amending the plan of Alice Springs to reflect what should be there the most I can.
Here is a bit of an update aas to whats been going on.

A new track has been added, and the locomotive depot has been revised.
Inspection pit has been installed, tracks have been moved to go through the locomotive depot at the right distance.

The turnatable tracks have been established, looks alot more list Alice Springs should.  I am alot happier with the result.

Another  shot of the locomotive depot, the access road, will go between the two tracks in the foreground.

The Mobil siding has been moved to the correct postion for eawrly 1990's at the very south eastern end of the yard, this has meant that the level crossing has had to be moved! Grrrr!  End result will be a better version of Alice Springs.

The Backdrop is up and fits like a glove into the locators built into the boards.  i have also roughed in a cutting at the south end of Bow Creek.

A new cross over has been added to the west end of the yard, this should make shunting a little easier,  especially for the ultra modern version.

Anyway, just a quick update.

Thanks scott