Thursday, September 3, 2015

More pictures of "A Town Like Alice" Caulfield Model Railway Exhibition 2015

Hi All

Here are a couple more shots of "A Town Like Alice" at the Caulfield Model Railway Exhibition 2015

John, Helen and Roger, are deep in operational discussions, in Alice Springs yard.
The Beauty of Wireless operation is evident in this shot, as each person has a control and not getting in each others way.

Roger always the diligent shunter working Alice Springs yard.
 Roger explains the finer points of shunting
Roger is working the goods shed with GM20, as Stuart and Glen look on.
CLP8 and CLP9 work south, past the Mobil sidings.
In and through "Heavitree Gap"
DL39 CL5 and CL2 sneak back through "Heavitree Gap" with express goods #347