Monday, November 8, 2010

RQYY and PQYY differences

Hi All

On request, here is some info about RQYY 7007, and PQYY 7007.
Back in the early 1990s AN initiated the Boxcar and Cubico contract, hence the 1992 construction of two AQYY five pack 48ft well wagons.
The AQYY, PQYY and RQYY were designed by AN.
The AQYY has a re-enforcing chanel on the top edge of the well, the PQYY & RQYY do not.
RQYY 7007 when first captured had AN symbols and Boxcar lettering on wells A and E.
PQYY 7007 had CUBICO lettering only on the Well C.

Recommended modeling notes:
Athearn 48ft five pack wells can still be purchased in kit form, these can be found as old stock in better hobby shops. Kit bash by sanding off the side ribs, dont bother with the walk ways AQYY, PQYY & RQYY dont have them fitted.
Bakers SRM used to make the decals for both the BOXCAR & CUBICO version.




  1. hi Scott,

    exellent PQYY.

    thanks mate.

    could you post any TRAY with big TNTs on them?

    or some AN RAil double stacks from 1996,7?

    hope you will.



  2. hi scott
    just asking about the rqyy's, do they shunters steps.
    Please reply