Monday, January 18, 2010

Barcoola-palluza 2010

Hi All

Just a quick note to let you all know whats going on. Over the Xmas NYE period, I managed to get some quality time in. I have gone through my model equipment and discovered that I had more than enough equipment to construct another Alice Springs train goods train without the need to purchase any more equipment. I will have to convert some more Walthers 89ft flats, I just need to get a Walthers 75ft flat so I can rip off the tie down rails, which will make the converted 89ft flats more authentic. I have more than enough trucks and containers, so life is good.

I am still working on tripple deck car carriers, the worst thing is that I realised I need stacks more cars, I think I have come up with an aceptable alternative, to make a "look alike" series of Australian cars. When I look at the loaded car carriers they all ways seem to have a smattering of different types of cars, so thats what I am trying to get. I have too many of one type and more of the others to even up the mixture. The wagons will have to be built in sections painted and weathered in sections BEFORE assembly, it the only way to do it. I have made six side for three WMGFs, so this is still a work in progress.

I visited Glen after Xmas, and saw all the work he has put into constructing cattle wagons, Both ex CR & SAR long and short wagons, all to Glen's "standard". They are looking very nice.

Alice Springs yard has been planed out on the floor of the layout room, checking the track and point arrangment. I checked the room for the roads in th yard were big enough and wide enough for trucks to use the yard properly. I also positioned the crane and all is good there. MDF bases for Alice Springs Yard were cut to length and laid out on the floor, board sizes have been confirmed. All I have to do now is define the rest of the boards and the production line can be kicked over in quick fashion. Of course the layout room will need to be painted and new "blocker" blinds installed, along with more down lights. I went in to the roof to check it out and with the cooling and heating using seperate ducting there is stuff all spare room in the roof, so it might be a bit of a trial to add lighting, but its got to be done.

Will up load some more pix