Saturday, July 23, 2011

Barcoola MK2.5 update

Hi All

Just to let you all know whats been going on, The new fiddle yard board were built awhile back, the extension boards for full length have also been constructed. The new decking was the perfect location to see if the boards would all fit together in the full length, as I knew that the decking was level.

Cork was glued to the tops of the boards, using Contact adhesive. Only to notice that some of the less than supported sections of MDF had bowed slightly. Some of which could be sanded out, others required to be filled in. I used an Australian made product which is guaranteed to not crack.

The corner boards have been modified to accept the new fiddle yard boards. This means that the entire layout is now a clip together process.

Finally if you are in the area we look like being at the next AMRA Exhibition at Caulfield Vic 2011. So you may be able to view the finished product.



Fade my GM

Hi All

Here are some quick shots of faded GMs for a future article.

603 leads two GMs south near Mambray Creek, take special note of the yellow side stripes are fading to white. this image illistrates the when the green fades that the it brings out the blue.

As you can see from this shot of The IP coming into Spencer Junction in January 1989, GM12 in an advanced stage of fading as compared the other two units.

Attention to the sand hatches on the nose, will show that they are retaining colour as compared to flat panels.




Monday, July 4, 2011

Lance has been going flat out

I have been checking out Lance Mindheim's status of his industrial branch in Miami,

Check out the road ways in 11june2011 post. I am looking at trying this with the Alice Springs industrial area.


RZDY 136

Here is a shot of an ex 100 series bluebird rail car now converted to a relay van.

With BGB no releasing these in the new easy to use milky bar material, this could be an easy conversion.

At least it can be finished of with a nice coat of grime.


The original RMEY

The original RMEY The above shot was taken by Glen, shows the original curtain sides and roof.

PM6 with a gaggle of RMEYs at the head end, you will notice the lead RMEY is the first wagon built. It originally had curtain sides and roof, obviously this didn't work too well. I am sure the Desert wind ripped it to shreds really quick.

We are looking at a version for Barcoola, I think the base should be fairly easy, the roof will be the hard bit. I am looking at a pass coach clear plasic roof, and then paint on the cage.

Anyway food for thought.


More shots of Adelaide Exhibition

The brass Overland set, makes you wonder why they never looked at making relay vans.
Easy to convert to CR signals, not a bad price for fully assembled.

A model of a super chook set, nice....
SARMAs layout.