Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tweaking a Cv40-9i NR class from Austrains rebuild to a GWU proposal

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Given that GWA have received their UGL built GWU class locomotives.  See the link below of the first delivery run.  This creates another modelling possibility.

I have long been working on rebuilding an Austrains NR class, the original model is a great starting point and captures the look of the prototype quite nicely.  An article on the class including scale drawing was published  in the Australian Model Railway Magazine in the April 2000 issue, worth a look.

However the model when originally released, had some down sides.  These include molded on air hoses, large gap around the coupler, non working ditch lights.  These features thankfully these have been fixed in the second run of the NR class.

What remains is the frame is just too wide.  Now this rebuild is not for the faint hearted.  But below I have outlined some changes that you might like to make to your NR class.

 From the left to right is the original production, middle is my modified version, right is the second production run.

 One of the simplest changes which will enhance you model is drilling and filing out the steps on the cow catcher, these can be compared in the photo above.  Check the prototype pictures below and the see through look is obvious.

 NR23 at Spencer Junction in 2004
NR103 in one of the first versions of PN livery at Goobang Junction NSW in 2004
 The bogies seem to have way too much slop, possibly to get around the tighter of curves, and easy fix is to fit styrene shims, as shown above.
 cut out the radiator for see through grilles

 The more serious modifications is getting the frame to the correct narrow width, this will allow the side detail to be 100% instead of 50% relief.  this also means that the B end steps and walkway is full width.  However this means that the body lugs will no longer fit and as such new screw blocks will have to be built into the body.  See the three photos above.
 Another modification feature is the A end bogie is positioned too far forward, the NR class has a very distinctive cab over look.  the photos below show the pre and post modification changes.  NR108 is not modified, NR82 is modified.

Anyway these models have languished unfinished, purely because of my lack of enthusiasm for the prototype.  However, as I discussed with Glen the GWA GWU class, look like being rostered on the Darwin run, and Glen has spied two AQQY's with in-line refueling containers fitted, which will enable the class to run on the line without fuel limitations.
Thus these NR class models are perfect candiates for conversion into GWU class locomotives.
Glen has already done the detail shots, so I will standby.  But building a GWU is more interesting to me than an NR.  So watch this space.

With ultra modern Alice Springs I could operate, GWA, GWU, ALF, CLF, CLP, GM FQ (now seem to be asigned to other duties) and FQ class.  Then the occasional ring in, in the form of NR & AN class on the Ghan.  VL and EL lease jobs, and 700 class that deputising for a broken FJ.

If you look at AN in 1993, some things seem to change but others still stay the same.  With EL DL AN GM CLF CLP AL BL, 830 and 600 class.  Thus the only classes that don't turn up to Alice Springs anymore are the BL DL, 830 and 600 class.

Anyway I am off to finish off the last boards for Alice Springs...

And hope that you look at some tweaks to your NR class fleet.



Friday, April 20, 2012

old newsreel production of the Tea and Sugar back in CR days

Hi All

Here is an old newsreel production of the Tea and Sugar, interesting stuff, check out the bloke who, doesn't say anything but thinks he,s been ripped off on his payslip.

At least I now know the Tea and Sugar to be called the 543 mixed back then.



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lance Mindheim states his case for modelling ultra modern

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Model Railroad Hobbyist, is an internet magazine, and one of the issues has an article from Lance Mindheim's in which he states his case for modelling ultra modern.  Very interesting reading.

I have modified the blog slightly, and included popular posts for all time, monthly and weekly.



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alice Springs the layout

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Below is the result of recent work on Alice Springs, three boards have been completed, kits have been made up for the final three, so its getting closer to reality.
The south east yard board, this board will house the turntable.

 Two new boards the closest to the camera is the "gap" board.
 With a final redesign this is a double sided board, upside down.  One side will have a long bridge, the other side is the fiddle yard.

The centre section has been designed to have the double sided back drop, slotted in gap in the middle of the board.



Saturday, April 14, 2012

50 trains in 15 minutes in South Australia ultra modern

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Here is an interesting link, 50 train videos in 15 minutes, covers slightly north to, I think Redhill, and south to Murray Bridge.  Includes QRN, Freightlink, with DA service ALF VL roster, that sure to increase their reliability stats.  Southern Spirit, IP, Overland and Ghan operations.
GWI Grain ops, SCT and PN.  Of wagon interest is a RRXY second shelf loaded with 53ft Patricks containers.

Enjoy the show.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alice Springs the layout is another step closer

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Below is some shots of Alice Springs yard's major sections up and in place in the Train Room.  each board is 5ft 10 inches long.  The track and equipment have been placed in situ just to see how everything will fit, thankfully lots of pre planning have made this relatively easy, and everything seems to fit juuuust right!

 Looking west down the yard, the end loading is where the flats are positioned.
 The 600 class is where the two engine shed road, and engine shed will be.
 The roads to the left are the original arrival and departure roads.
 An overview of the yard, with the industrial area to the right, the gap in between is the walk in access.  To the left and at the back is Barcoola in storage condition.
 The end loading roads and the two intermodal roads continue under the gantry crane.
 Another overview of the yard.
 The intermodal roads, the heljin crane will get a bit of a work out with all that intermodal traffic.
 West end of the yard looking east, the ABFX;s are positioned in the location of the goods shed, looks like I have slightly more room for the shed instead of 3 ft I have 4ft.



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alice Springs Progress

Hi All

Just a quick note regarding Alice Springs, I have managed to complete construction of the four boards which will make the main part of Alice Springs yard.  So now comes the interesting part, setting all the feature of the yard out and getting everything to fit, confirm the size of the buildings etc.

Standby for some pictures.



Ken's Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway AN in 1984

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Check out this AN layout in 1984 the Kanunda & Emu Flat Railway ( K&EFR ), Ken has put a lot of thought into operations.  Looks like it fits into one half of a garage, and has dedicated enough room on the layout to give Penstone Quarry a bit of dominance.

Layout overview:

Shunting Penstone Quarry:

The design concept is solid, he has managed to squeeze in three mainline stations, a branch station and the quarry, and ample room in the fiddle yard.  I like the controller holders located around the layout.  He has also ticked the ease of operation box, as the layout is a total walk in design.

Importantly it seems to satisfy his requirements quite nicely, congratulation with your slice of 1984 AN.



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Video of Rail recovery operations post narrow gauge Central Australian Railway shut down 1982

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Check out this video, taken at Marree in 1982, post the shut down of the narrow gauge Central Australian Railway shut down.

OH&S was not so prevalent back in 1982, note the way they transfer the rail from the narrow gauge rake to the standard gauge rake without using a crane, very interesting.

Here is a video of NSU56 passing Lake Eyre (south) in the South Australian outback, and a cab ride at Curdimurka, the bridge just looks way too skinny.

Pulling up the Central Australia Railway William Creek 1982, its worth it just to see these guys scatter.



Peter's Layout has a name and a blog site, Brownsville

Hi All

Just to let you know that Peter's N scale layout has an official name "Brownsville" PA now has it's own blog site, nice work mate.

There is a detailed plan, and some great instructions on speed matching locomotives in DCC, something that I need to do.



Friday, April 6, 2012

Pimba Railway Station a location to model in AN

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When I was in my very early 20's I came up with this plan for a layout based on Pimba SA, this location was  the first stop of the Tea & Sugar #4205 slow mixed goods.
My plan at the time was based on the club room size.  The concept, centred on the trains that passed through this location in daylight, which would be:

347 down Alice Springs Goods in the morning, Up Alice Springs goods in the evening.
AP5, PA6, PS2, SP3.  I could also slip in a Ghan and an IP.

At the time, Pimba was populated with AN maintenance staff, an number of standard house were positioned behind the station building.  Pimba also retained a very wonky goods shed, the platform of which can be seen in the left hand side of the photo below.
Other buildings included a water tank, and barracks.

The yard also had a triangle with a number of sidings leading off, this included at one time, a pressurised concrete silo (portable).  During the construction of the Olympic Dam - Roxby Downs project, AN  ran a number of dedicated trains from Port Augusta to Pimba to deliver Concrete in pneumatic hoppers.  I had also seen at least two gas tankers positioned at Pimba, I assume for transfer to road tankers for delivery to Olympic Dam - Roxby Downs project.

So at the time deliveries to Pimba would have been, #4205 town supplies.
Dedicated "Roxby Rocket" which could deliver any of the following:
Water tanker.
Concrete hoppers.
LP Gas tankers.
Fuel tankers.
Goods vans, with equipment for the maintenance crew.
Flats loaded with earth moving equipment.

 EL and GM combination, haul SP3 past the still standing station building in May 1992.

Some shots from Weston Langford site of Pimba in 1967.

And in 1999.

Above is an example of the plan I designed for Pimba, I had designed a board, that on one side had the fiddle yard, on the other side an integral light box, which would be strong enough to support other boards.  I really like the "nothingness" of Pimba, and serious looked at this for a design.  However, my plan was flawed in a number of ways, firstly too two dimensional, the light box would have made viewing awkward.  Secondly the grade coming up to Pimba was pronounced and such a feature would be lost in this design.  Also the trains would be short about 12 to 13 feet.

So if you are not really keen on trees and like AN Northern Division but want some place to shunt, this might tick that box.  Not too long ago, I created another design based on Pimba for the current train room, and I called it "Wirrimpa".
Anyway I hope, this presentation provides some inspiration.

An update on Alice Springs progress, I have wired and made operational the NTFS, Freight Forwarders siding.  The new head shunt and lead into the yard.
Roger gave the two thumbs up to the slightly extended version of the industrial area.

I hope to get some more progress on Alice Springs yard, over the Easter Weekend, as I have some time off.
For those of you that have it off, from all of the crew at Barcoola, we wish you a happy Easter.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New search features for Barcoola

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I have added a few more features that will help you find what you are looking for on the blog, one of which is the search box.  It sits between the "popular posts" and the "blog archive"

Just type in what you are after and it will return the blogs that match your query.

give it a go.


Doug's review of Auscision's new VBAX

If I kicked off an Australian Model Railway Magazine, Doug would be my reviewer, he pulls no punches.  Anyway here is is view on the new VBAX's that arrived this week.Barcoola discaimer etc...Here is is un edited text.My nit pick about the VBAXs.  Auscision have taken a page out of the Austrains "how to" book.   On the BP version of the van there is a stirrup step at the end of each door.   On the VBAX there isn't - in most cases - as far as I can tell.   Yet they leave two holes under each door on the VBAXs where the step would have gone on the BP model.   Austrains did something similar (holes for accessories that weren't fitted/required) on their I and ESX wagons.Still this is a nit picking fault in an otherwise excellent model.   Which incidentally has opening doors.    The only other nit pick is that the actuating bars that go from the brake cylinder levers to the bogies just come to an end about 1 cm short of the bogies.   You can see the reason why the moment you rotate the bogie on the bolster.   There is absolutely nowhere for the brake rod to go between the under frame and bogie.   Nevertheless it looks a bit odd just coming to an abrupt end, hanging in space.Thank god the VBAX weren't used in large blocks like VHGYs or even VLCXs.   One pack will suffice.Auscisions have a factory test shot of the AN on their web site.   You can make out quite a bit of detail on it.  I'd be interested to know what you think.   It has always been a bit of a coin toss for me which is the better looking unit an EL or AN.   For my two bobs worth both are the best looking units to be seen in Aust since the round nose GM streamliner types.CheersDougHere is some links

More AOOX loads continued

Hi All

Here is some interesting pictures, in era, below is an AOOX loaded with what looks like, lead sheet, and interesting Modelling proposition.  Correct me if I am wrong but what ever it is, it dam heavy.  Obviously on it way to Melbourne.'s_pictures_2_files/diesels/wayne_138_petwood_16-04-1991.jpg

A clean AOOX

TOFC on WQCX's_pictures_1_files/64_cliff_702_macdonalds_hill%20again.jpg