Thursday, October 10, 2019

Sydney AMRA model railway exhibition 2019

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Murray River Bridge was exhibited at the Sydney AMRA model Railway Exhibition.

The exhibition location was moved to the Sydney Exhibition centre in Homebush.

Like any new location there is unforseen issues which don't raise their head until the last moment.

We were luck enough to get the chance to operate the production version of SDS Models new re tooled NR class locomotive NR30 and NR52.  The detail on these models is outstanding.

Here is a link to NR30 and NR52

Here is a link to the rest of the range, There are some ripper liveries in there, including the proposed.

SDS Models NR30 and NR52 crossing Murray River Bridge.

Murray River Bridge with the overland stretched out across the river.

Mount Gambier Goods #745 crossing Murray River Bridge.

The SDS Models stand.

the 81 class almost there.....
 800 class pre production model.
 new skinny body VR T class models, including the T2 version with the flat top radiators....

 The SAR OB run....

Looks like they will be doing the new Great Southern version.

Goulburn NSW, it looks they have back dated this model a bit, no more Countrylink signage on the station,
 The Blue Mountains, I had not seen this layout before.

Binalong, pronounced byn-a-long

Bullenbung Creek, I have a good chat with Allen about construction techniques etc.

Arkaroola O Scale to the max.

Passing time, by a young bloke doing it tough by himself, great concept, exceptional lighting effects.

The back of Bullenbung Creek showing the plywood construction.

I love the desolation of this Rio Grande layout, he could have over done it,  but without any other track apart from the mainline, really makes this pop....

Auscision was not to be outdone, with an N scale NR class.....

IDR models production line including the VR W class.
 The sort of mythical Tangara is getting close.
 600 class, oh yeah nice, AC version with four windows might be a good thing to do in a later run.

Other things of note,

Layouts of note.
Fingal Tasmania is always a favorite.  Outstanding work in 1:76, I managed to spend some time with Simon, and see how he did what he did, a very smart cookie!
East Mateland NSW, it been sooooo long since I first saw it, they got some new lighting for it, and the young guys of AMRA were operating it, they just need to work on your weathering here and there guys!

On Track Models had their re-run 82 class its a beautifully detailed model, 
A new run of their curtain sided “Drive” and “OMO” containers, along with Toll, Vegemite, and Peanut Butter, they are very nicely done.  They fill a gap in the market, great job right there.

I must have seen Models and More a stack of times, only to realise at this exhibition they make a very nice SA station kit, modeled off Farrell Flat.

That is all for the moment.

Enjoy Scott

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