Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Fifth Day of New Layout Progress.

This day was half used up in packing up, Alice Springs, Glen gave me a hand before nicking off for another golf expedition.

Items progressed, include:
Back drops from 6mm MDF cut to size.

3mm bases for the fiddle yard board cut to size.

Three scenery boards have their 3mm bases installed.

I made up a drill template which should make building of blanking ends alot simpler and more precise, and it works a treat!
Here are some pictures, as evidence of progress.

A gaggle of boards in various stages of completion.

Here is the underside of board #3 
The top side of board #3 back drop has been fitted and T nuts have been located for the ends and sides.

The cutting board all ready to go.


  1. I believe the Swiss invented this style of module. It needs to be a bit more yellow to be authentic.

  2. Ha! yes, but believe me, they don't taste like it! thanks Scott

  3. And on the seventh day he rested!!

    1. There is no rest for the wicked! I am upto day 5.5 all the scenery boards have bases, and two of the fiddle yard boards. The largest end board has been test fitted over the bar area and it fits perfectly, and the river depth has been established. 🙂