Sunday, January 24, 2016

Barcoola MK2.5s final operating session

Hi All

Yesterday was Barcoola's last operating session.

Thank you all for making Barcoola's last operating session a memerable one.
Helen, Ally And Elle, for the catering and the bling,
Roger and Shelley
Doug and Loretta
Peter, Dave and Rick.

Here are some pictures,

And Doug brought some goodies, and not I am not taking up VR modeling, T413 is for a different project.

Thanks again to all for a memerable send off.



  1. Led strip lights
    To secure them to the roof/plaster board do you just peel backing off and attach?

    1. Yup mate, I put a light pencil line across the roof so that could stick them in a straight line, then added blue masking tape, so I had a ridge to line up the lighting strip with, it took and afternoon to install all four strips. Easy!!

  2. Geee I wonder what Rick's train was? :P

  3. Could it be the one with all the VLine wagons?..