Saturday, December 31, 2016

Whats in Store for 2017

Well another year is drawing to a close, so I thought its a good time to outline whats in store for 2017.

From the top,

  1. Alice Springs, modification of the fiddle yard and bow river sections of Alice Springs.  Basically the bridge section and the bow river section have been turned 180 degrees, this means that in an exhibition the back of the layout would now be sceniced, a single mainline track, with the bridge in the middle of the layout, this also means that an expanded bow river can be built "inside' the layout.  I will also install point motors on certain locations, and a backdrop all the way around the layout, should be great to tackle such a large backdrop.
  2. Barcoola, will be rebuilt to make the yard as close as to the real Tarcoola, this means that the two original boards of Barcoola will be removed.  Five new boards will be built to replace the current boards.  Four other boards will need to be rebuilt to remove most of the track.
  3. Walk in layout, there are lots of options for this layout, BNSF, GWA, AN.  I am still tossing up on this one, but it would be good to have a more operationally substantial layout with dramatic scenery.
  4. The possibility of moving to a new location.


  1. You could almost do a section similar to the Adelaide hills and run BNSF/AN/GWA through that for the walk in layout.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Speedmon08! Believe me, I definitely gave the Adelaide hills some serious thought, even Murray bridge is screaming out to be modeled! However Both layout concepts currently in consideration are walk in layouts, no fiddle yard - open staging - and focus on branchline operations. Right now I have to give Alice Springs and Barcoola MKIII the first priority to complete, in the first half of this year. Aim for the next layout is 6 months, to operation, and must start scenery asap, no foam plains!