Saturday, June 22, 2013

FMG SD70ACe the initial build Athearn Genesis

Hi All

I have had this Athearn Genesis SD70ACe for awhile, its an undecorated kit BNSF.
I did originally purchase this to convert into a BHP Billiton SD70ACe, but this model I am going to convert into an FMG SD70ACe.
This "kit" is a little more involved than I first thought.
 Here is the model partially built
 the nose and ditchlights.
 The Radiator section is a separate casting, with lots of add ons.
 The FMG fleet is fitted with the latest design cab, However I have to change the lift points, (old design)
 This is one of the more fiddly bits of this job, making sure the bulbs are placed into the footplate, the anti-climber also needs to be modified for the FMG model.
 The fame sides have to be glued into the frame, and then the lifting points etc have to be added.
 The B end before modification, I need to add the correct grilles and marker lights
 A close up of the radiator grilles and dynamic brake
 A close up of the fireman's side of the frame.

 This will give you an idea of complexity of the model, here are some of the parts, and not all parts are used.
 This is what I did to ensure that the right parts are used.

 the model comes with a booklet, which outlines where the parts are meant to be, you have to be really carefull with your selection of parts.

So I will let you know when I get it finished.

Possible layout pending....



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