Sunday, January 4, 2015

Modelling Goldsworthy Mining Locomotive No 10 GML-10 JT42C in HO

Hi All

Here are some shots of my current project GML-10.
Another locomotive for the Pilbara, this locomotive only spent just over four years working in the Pilbara.
Started with an Auscision V/line N class.
I kept this for a year with a point to convert it, however at the Sydney Exhibition we found On Track Models were selling bodies only of their SRA freightcorp 82 class, this was purchased on spec, to see if the body could be used for the long hood of GML-10.

This weekend I assessed both models and figured out the following:
The N class, The model, it seemed a good start, however it was about a metre and a bit too short in HO.
The 82 class long hood is good upto just forward of the engine long hood doors.
I had a spare proto2000 SD60 body that I was looking at converting into a HI SD50S.
The dynamic brake and dynovane air intake are spot on for the GML-10.
End result i needed three locomotives to get this right.
Auscision N class, for the frame cabs and mech.
On Track Models 82 class long hood.
proto2000 SD60 or SD50 long hood.

Here is a shot of the current model.

Disassemble the N class, note there are two long screws in the long hood, that will need to be removed to get the body off.
The cabs can then be removed, and stripped etc.

The Proto2000 SD50 this was also purchased for another project.

This is the section that need to be cut out of the SD50 model.

Cut the body as shown, it will also need to be thined down, again as shown.

The 82 class body will need to be cut just aft of the blower duct.

The aft end of the long hood will need the door section cut away, ensure that there is a little section of the door remains on the body so that, it can be used as a lip for mounting the B end cab.

Knock off the mounting lugs on the cabs as shown.

The Proto2000 body can be used as a mounting for the N class cab.

Still lots of little things to do, but a fun little job.
this is going to be modelled in BHP Blue 

I will update when we are close to finish this off. Finish the details etc.

Enjoy Scott

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  1. Awesome! I'd love to see a detailed 'how to' article in AMRM when it's done... (Hint, Hint!).