Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tweaking a Cv40-9i NR class from Austrains rebuild to a GWU proposal

Hi All

Given that GWA have received their UGL built GWU class locomotives.  See the link below of the first delivery run.  This creates another modelling possibility.

I have long been working on rebuilding an Austrains NR class, the original model is a great starting point and captures the look of the prototype quite nicely.  An article on the class including scale drawing was published  in the Australian Model Railway Magazine in the April 2000 issue, worth a look.

However the model when originally released, had some down sides.  These include molded on air hoses, large gap around the coupler, non working ditch lights.  These features thankfully these have been fixed in the second run of the NR class.

What remains is the frame is just too wide.  Now this rebuild is not for the faint hearted.  But below I have outlined some changes that you might like to make to your NR class.

 From the left to right is the original production, middle is my modified version, right is the second production run.

 One of the simplest changes which will enhance you model is drilling and filing out the steps on the cow catcher, these can be compared in the photo above.  Check the prototype pictures below and the see through look is obvious.

 NR23 at Spencer Junction in 2004
NR103 in one of the first versions of PN livery at Goobang Junction NSW in 2004
 The bogies seem to have way too much slop, possibly to get around the tighter of curves, and easy fix is to fit styrene shims, as shown above.
 cut out the radiator for see through grilles

 The more serious modifications is getting the frame to the correct narrow width, this will allow the side detail to be 100% instead of 50% relief.  this also means that the B end steps and walkway is full width.  However this means that the body lugs will no longer fit and as such new screw blocks will have to be built into the body.  See the three photos above.
 Another modification feature is the A end bogie is positioned too far forward, the NR class has a very distinctive cab over look.  the photos below show the pre and post modification changes.  NR108 is not modified, NR82 is modified.

Anyway these models have languished unfinished, purely because of my lack of enthusiasm for the prototype.  However, as I discussed with Glen the GWA GWU class, look like being rostered on the Darwin run, and Glen has spied two AQQY's with in-line refueling containers fitted, which will enable the class to run on the line without fuel limitations.
Thus these NR class models are perfect candiates for conversion into GWU class locomotives.
Glen has already done the detail shots, so I will standby.  But building a GWU is more interesting to me than an NR.  So watch this space.

With ultra modern Alice Springs I could operate, GWA, GWU, ALF, CLF, CLP, GM FQ (now seem to be asigned to other duties) and FQ class.  Then the occasional ring in, in the form of NR & AN class on the Ghan.  VL and EL lease jobs, and 700 class that deputising for a broken FJ.

If you look at AN in 1993, some things seem to change but others still stay the same.  With EL DL AN GM CLF CLP AL BL, 830 and 600 class.  Thus the only classes that don't turn up to Alice Springs anymore are the BL DL, 830 and 600 class.

Anyway I am off to finish off the last boards for Alice Springs...

And hope that you look at some tweaks to your NR class fleet.




  1. i notice with our RTR locos and the amount of bogie slop, sometimes auto coupling using kadees can be a problem as the alignment of the wagon to be coupled and the loco are not aligned. Maybe your use of shims can overcome this issue ?

  2. I am sure a RTR GWU, or GWA for that matter, won't be far off. Any photos of these AQQYs for inline fuelling?



    1. RTR SCT classes are not to far off, just repaint one of them. Railmotor Models is the maker

    2. Word is the GWU's will swap with the GWA's on the Darwin run instead of the proposed ore trains that will soon start running out of Whyalla.

      The 2x AQQY's have two 20ft orange/yellow fuel containers on board, currently sitting at EDi Rollingstock - Dry Creek.

  3. I look forward to the GWU conversion from an NR, and I might have a go once i see the pics! :D

  4. can some one point me in the direction of where to get exploded diagrams for Austrians loco's