Friday, September 6, 2013

Alice Springs gets some buildings, Southern Rail Models Oil Depot

Hi All

I took the plunge and got the Southern Rail Models Oil depot.
A word of warning, the parts have been packed, in such a way that it is very hard to remove these in one piece.
For some reason parts have been packed so it's almost impossible to remove the parts without the handrails coming off.  Once extracted, make some mods to the foam so that you can get at both ends.

I have spread the parts of this depot around the industrial branch, in Alice Springs.
 I put the vertical tanks with inappropriate bunded area, and truck loading bay at the BP siding.
The horizontal tanks are at one end of Sadabin's Mobil siding
The shed I have added to the Kleen gas siding.
Here is the decal sheet.

What is weird, is that there is no piping included, given that this is meant to be modelled off a depot in Dubbo NSW, they must have some interesting ways to transfer fuel, I can only guess that maybe plastic buckets?
The horizontal tanks don't have taps, that has got to confuse the guys working in the depot.
The vertical tanks have a big OH&S issue, only one side has a handrail.

Still gives the area instant recognition.

I will have to work at getting these to look a bit more "logical"



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