Saturday, June 14, 2014

SDS Models AQCX container flat wagon model review

Hi All

This year marks the release of the very first AN ready to run container wagon being released!
SDS Models have done it.
These wagons come as a three pack, and pack A has two AN green and one SAR grey, pack B has two grey and one AN green, here is the link.
Either way you will have to get some SAR versions, not that it a bad thing.

Included in each pack are container lugs there is a link on the SDS site for installation, here the link to Norm Bray's shot of a AQCX with them fitted (however I have not seen these used on any AQTYs, see pictures below).  Also included are spare crossmembers, I assume as replacement for the second equipment tray that needs to be removed (near the hand brake wheel).
I placed 12 SDS AQCX on Alice Springs and seemed to track well, given that they are well weighted, I expected nothing less.
The printing detail is nice and sharp and seems all in the right spot.
The under wagon detail is crazy! there is a stack of detail.
Has RP88 profile wheels.
I am not sure about the SAR grey, however this is because I have not seen this livery, not to say that it does not exist.  Here is a couple of shots from Norm Bray, as you can see from the pics, they get fairly mucky, so it hard to tell the original colour.

For Alice Springs and Barcoola, I am going to convert mine to AQTYs, with 140Km/h Bogies and symbols, see the pix at the bottom of this blog.
I will publish another blog on how to convert a AQCX to a AQTY.

In the end this model is a welcomed addition to Alice Springs and Barcoola, a big two thumbs up SDS.  Well weighted, means that they will operate without the need to have containers fitted.

 Here is a AQTY on 166 express goods from Alice Springs

Another AQTY on AP5 with a half pack a flat rack and a 40ft shipping container.



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  1. Very nice Scott. Looks like the AQTYs have 70T Ride Control bogies. Are you planning on using the Exact Rail ones?