Saturday, July 19, 2014

lots of stuff going on, weathering by Barcoola, and Pilbara locomotives.

hi all

I have been going flat out, and have been getting stuck into some serious Pilbara Modelling.

M636s 5498 5502 and 5496, all lined up, reminds me of the first time I went to the Pilbara, models are all fitted with sound, nice model, a fair bit of work.
 Another example of faded weathering here is CL5, I have listed this on facebook
$300 if you are interested.

 My current collection of Mt Newman locomotives, gota love that orange scheme.

 5496 is still a little too clean, working on it.

 I really like the end result of 5502 in BHP Iron Ore, one of only two Alcos painted in BHPO Blue.

 A cluster of M636 lookalikes

 A work in progress a BHP Billiton SD70Ace in pumpkin.  Masking the roof was a real PITA

Any way thats what I have been upto at the moment, the layout room now has four sets of strip lighting, really starting to look good.

Tar Scott

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