Monday, August 22, 2011

Barcoola at Caulfield 2011 pt 2

Heres a shot of the new fiddle yard, we had trains up to 32ft long on day two, equal to 850 HO metres. The new light weight yard has made it so much easier to put the layout up.

Steve Munro's CLP and CLF equiped with sound and flashing ditch lights made an appreance to Barcoola on day two, one operator spent some quality time running this job.

JD, a ring in operator, shunts the new extended Barcoola yard.

GM30 & GM32 makes the schooners in the Ginacood Hotel vibrate with the Gin Gin hum from their 567 donks.

We got the FAQs.

Where did you get the decals for the semi trailers?

How did you weather CL2 & GM30?

A classic was:

While Roger was shunting, a patron commented:

Please tell me the guy who built this is 65 and retired, because there is no way any one else could have the time to build all this, Roger replied, in the negitive. He was surprised...

Greg from Perth, follows the blog and introduced himself, we had a chat and discussed his favorite prototype SCT. Great to catch up and saying G'day.... I will follow up with a AN tanker article for you.



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  1. Hi Scott & Barcoola Team,

    I think your blog is terrific, the AN focus is unique & I enjoyed catching up at Caulfield,I'm presently incorporating the AN touch into my my layout Ravenslea here in WA using 5 packs by Athearn repainted in AN green , will enjoy seeing the fuelies when you get a chance as my aim is to run the Cook fuel trains at some point.SCT are a favourite ,here's a vid link

    Greg G