Saturday, December 1, 2012

Proposed Pilbara Layout BHP and Hamersley Iron 2 in one.

I know what you are thinking, how am I going to get a slice of the Pilbara into 26ft by 14ft.  Well after a bit of head scratching I think I have something.

The start of the BHP empire, CM40-8M, CM40-8ML and CM39-8, in as intended BHP blue

Like any project there is research, here is some of the books I fingered  through.

The original Tom Price and Paraburdoo yards.

Wombat Junction and Ballast Quarry.

Here is the plan, basically I am looking at a layout in which I can model two operators, using the one layout.
With a change of locomotives and stock we can go from BHP to Hamersley Iron.

To further understand where I am coming from, I should explain the concept, the plan takes sections from both BHP Newman and Hamersley Iron, takes sections from Paraburdoo and Wombat Junction.

In the BHP mode, I am looking a modeling Newman, and out to Ore Body 18.  Operations that are very modelable include:
BHP then and still run trains with mid train remotes.  Some trains arrive a Newman and then are split and the B portion runs to Ore body 18, loads then returns to Newman, where the train is re assembled.  An departs to Hedland.
In the model I have included Newman and Ore Body 18.
Supply trains add to the mix, these trains are very short and introduce more operational aspects, this includes, supplying Newman and Ore Body 18 Slightly beefed up, including a "fines" loading area, and stores.
There is also a Quarry, thus another work train can be added to the mix.
Trains would be fairly respectable 45 cars, not great but not bad.
You will also note that there is a lot of locations for end loading, to deliver or receive machinery, dumpers etc.

The Hamersley Iron mode, its all about the banking, like the prototype banking can be done from Paraburdoo up and over and then un couple on the move a Wombat Junction.

Mt Nameless can be the satelite mine near Wombat Junction, which also has a servicing area.
The board as outlined in the plan can be exchanged for Spring Creek Bridge.
There is also a Quarry, for work trains and two mine servicing areas.

Here is some random Pilbara shots.

Two SD70Ace's in "Camouflage" heading towards Hesta.

SD70Ace basking in the sun near the "provisioning" centre, west side of Nelson point yard.

CM39-8 in "Camouflage" livery, give me Blue any day.

AC6000CW with a broken pinon.

AC6000CW at Nelson Point

To HI Dash-9's banking out of HI Yandi.

Two Pilbara Rail Dash-9s at Dugite

AC6000CW on MAC work train service

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