Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some northern AN "transition" era shots

Hi All

I have recently added Johnny's pages to the site links, there is some great stuff on the "transition" era of AN.

Here's the sub menu link Northern region AN in the late 1980's

The best I can describe this is the time where the GM's AL's and CL's give the mantle to the DL EL and AN's on the front of Northern Region services.  But also included the ANR and CR liveries, and bright new AN liveries with yellow bogies.

So feel free to check out the link, there is a great night shot of train number 347 down Alice goods at Dry Creek and you can see two AHGX in the consist.

A green CL and GM on 166 up Alice goods with Cattle up front.

Two 930's on containerised cement no doubt to go to Alice Springs.



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