Wednesday, August 7, 2013

John Parkers BNSF Fall River Division

Every now and then a layout pops up, that makes you go man that's great execution, wish I had....Blah Blah, John Parkers BNSF Fall River Division is one such layout.
Check out:

  • The neat and tidy control panel with key locks.
  • Great modelling of roads.
  • His approach to coal loading - unloading is simple and saves un-prototypical movements, while stopping an "instant" loaded train situation, gives the operators something to do. (This is making me rethink my Pilbara layout ideas)

  • There is also a camera set up to spot hobos in the empty coal wagons, looks like this is a real problem in the US, great use of a prototype problem, being used as a modelling function, as the driver has to radio Railroad security to eject the stowaways before they get buried in coal.  I am told BHP has a similar problem with Illegals hitching a ride in ore wagons, thinking they have hopped on the train to Perth!
  • Simple and effective "high plains" scenery.

Also, here is some youtube footage.
part 1
part 2
part 3

See if you can spot the suspect store next to the mainline, well modelled with Graffiti, and who is frequenting this store!




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