Sunday, August 25, 2013

43rd AMRA Model Railway Exhibition Caulfield 2013 report

Hi All

Glen, Michael, Jon and myself made it to the 2013 Caulfield exhibition, and as usual, the morning was chocka block.  Doug was working the VMRS stand.  Doug seem to be busy trying to convert modellers into the true calling of VR, something something  dark side...
Then we bumped into Bill, Stewart and Helen, Dave, George, Dave, Rick, Bruce, John and Katie, Roger, Stuart, etc etc...

There were a couple of layouts that I had not seen before, this one from Albert Van de Kuyt, is Moe and Walhalla, the curve in the station for Walhalla is a signature scene.

 Check out the little lever frame.

 On track models 82 class, models, sorry guys

 Here is a couple of pictures of Don McGilvery's Mildura Station, this must be a blast to shunt.

 Altbahn, is from the European Model Railway Association.

 This impressive Apex quarry loader is on Hamilton Model railway Group's Kilmore East layout.
 Here is a selection of SAR big steam power on "The Hummocks" by David Zeitz

 Auscision Models has pilot models of their AN class, not quite sure about the orange guys the PN AN (escapees?).

 I wonder if those strobes work?

 Hiding under the ANs is the pilot model of the WBAX, nice...
 Here is an S scale ASG, nice work, I have only seen one other example, and thats Neil's fine example in WA.

 This is the NSW N scale groups South Creek, some dam fine work, guys.

An interesting model of an N scale BHP Biliton SD40 in transit
 A well executed model of Eyarth in north Wales by Gordon Brown, fiddle yard to fiddle yard arrangement, the embankment really draws the eye into the layout.

 Appropriately weathered BR rolling stock..

The exhibition was worth catching up with friends, the only let down, was some of the exhibits were soooo dark.



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