Monday, May 25, 2015

Alice Springs Buildings the goods shed

Hi All

i have finished the skeleton of the good shed for Alice Springs.  This is the second hardest building in Alice Springs yard, the hardest will be the station building (circa 1986).

Anyway, this is built like the locomotive depot using 6mm MDF, the end result is a very strong and stable building.

Starting to look more like its name sake!

Three 75ft wagons fit with ease into the goods shed.

The platforms are 16mm MDf.

Nails are in place, just for the glue to dry.

As it should the goods shed dominates the yard.

Rough sizings next to a 40ft trailer.

Anyway, the rest of the buildings are smaller simpler industrial sheds, should be a total of about three.  I am happy with this method of building large structures.

One more step to completion.

Enjoy, scott

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  1. Hi

    LED lighting - Inquiring about your LED lighting attached to the ceiling. Can you tell me a moe about how you did this ?

    I have poor lighting in my room and I think its an awesome alternative.