Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bil and Scotts most excellent adventure part 1

Hi All, It's the first time I had an international trip with Bill, and what a blast it was! Most excellent.  We were targeting the smaller railroads in Arizona and New Mexico, ended up doing Kansas and some of Oklahoma.  Here are some pictures!

What we worked out as the shunters for the Lordsburg turn, at Lordsburg.

Clifton to south siding turn at south siding.

The Southwestern Railroad, the crew gets underway from dying on the law yesterday, great bunch of blokes we followed them most of the day!

The Sorthwesterns carlsblad division is slowly being taken over by the BNSF, one of two locos for the work trains on the division.

We are not alone!

Texas northwestern railroad. Tanks are big business!

Two pair of ruined war bonnets at Cactus TX.

far rail at Clinton OK, very interesting mob!

Arkansas and Oklahoma niiiice

Super sevens still looking good!!

Rail runner goes beep beep!!!

Apache niiiice!  Why won't you guys work Presidents' Day!

Copper basin just because! 

Enjoy scott

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