Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bill and Scotts most excellent adventure part 2

Hi All

Heres some more shots from the trip, we managed to cover Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma.  Three of these states I had not been before.

 On day one out of Benson AZ is the SanPedro and Southwestern Railroad, the roster is two GP30s  They service a Transload facility in Benson, (this is a really cool modeling feature of modern shortlines)
 heading south to service the Ammunition plant.

 The San Pedro Southwestern use this ex Rio Grande hopper car as a protector - spacer car for hazardous chemical movements.
On the UP main, endless parade of UP power.
 the San Pedro Southwestern has an industrial switching operation at Wilcox AZ

 Bill getting a "Jerky" shot
 Catching us on the hop was Amtrak's Sunset Limited, doing all of its 80 miles and hour!
 Arizona Eastern Railway, Globe turn and Lordsburg turn do their gentle ballet as they swap loading at Lordsburg NM.
 On the high iron out of Lordsburg, the globe turn gets its hustle on with four Baby Boats (B40-8) up front.

 Waiting for a new crew at Saffton AZ.
 With a new Crew onboard the Globe turn, runs past the Saffton depot.



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