Sunday, April 16, 2017

Second day of Easter new layout progress.

So day Two, I was down to Bunnings first thing, and got a proper drop saw, to get all the corner blocks .  So I managed to knock out all the blocks and fiddle with some of the more intricate items.

Never the less, in eight hours five boards have been knocked up.

Here is all five boards positioned on the decking while the glue dries.

This is the corne board needed to be deep for the height of the cutting.

This is the deepest board, 350mm deep, and will need to be just 30mm higher than the other boards, this is so that it can clear the bar area.

The slit in the side is for the other side board to slot into.

The two low boards are still 60mm thick, easy done!

No bad for eight hours work!

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