Monday, May 15, 2017

The Eighth day of new layout construction.

Hi All

Here is some picture of the new layout post day eight and a half.

So I have stared soldering the ladder track points and setting out the tracks for the layout.

Laid out the tracks for the fiddle yard, this is just temporary.

All the boards have the clips installed, thus the entire layout is joined together.

The first of the bridge pylons have been made from Tasmainan Oak.
So for those of you who like a challenge, here are all the letters for the name of the new layout, see what you can come up with, thanks to Helen for getting the letters 😎


  1. Looks a bit like Murray Bridge, and would suit the pylon. What sort of operations do you have planned?



  2. Well technically no, Murray Bridge is not the name of the layout, but you are dam close. Operations would be very simple there is some shunting, however this is built purely as a display layout. era is variable.

  3. Gotta be "Murray River Bridge" then ...

  4. Well give that man a cigar!