Monday, April 16, 2018

Murray River Bridge locomotive fleet initial weathering

Hi All

Just to let you know whats going on with Murray River Bridge, I have done an initial bulk weathering run on the 1990 era locomotives for the layout.  Here is a video of each locomotive and what was done.




  1. Hi Scott,

    that is some really great weathering I particularly like the 930s. If you wanted to detail them further you could add the third (smaller and further) back roof exhaust cover/grill and plate in the tablet catcher holes where approriate. I have attached a link that includes several AN photos taken in 1990 at Dry Creek, Mile End, Islington, Two Wells, Gawler and Mallala. Please excuse the quality as it was a dodgy second hand camera that I had as a teenager. Hope they are of interest none the less



  2. Thank you Bill, yes the spark arrestors and the blanking plates and water coolers (for ex Standard gauge 930s) need to be added. thank you for sharing the link.