Saturday, November 17, 2018

Large exhibition layout concept - Caltowie

Hi All

Insomnia is a double edged sword, however it does yield results.
I was searching for concepts for an exhibition layout that would fit into the proposed new layout room.  30ft by 16ft.
The northern grain region has some great little yards.
Crystal Brook is the most obvious, however the junction is just a little too big for the room.

There are other standard gauge locations which would fit the bill, Jamestown and Yongala.
Caltowie has the advantage, for a couple of reasons.
1: The yard has a curve at either end, this makes it easier to model.
2: Caltowie is squeezed in between the town and the highway level crossing.
3: The grain loop is clear of the main line and crossing, thus in an exhibition format the mainline and crossing loop can be clear while loading grain.
4: S curve at the Jamestown end of the yard.

Rolling stock wise, SDS Austrains NEO  has the AOQF.
Auscision the AHGXs.

 yard looking towards Jamestown.
From Norm Bray
 Down end of the Yard, looking towards Jamestown.  Note the low level station in the background.
and the NG mainline in behind the signal and the 500 class.

Gota love those curves, anyhow.

Enjoy, Scott

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