Saturday, November 17, 2018

Some smaller layout designs - Rudall SA on the Lincoln Division

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I have been investigating or looking at concepts, for a small layout, roughly 16ft in length.
A number of things have been lining up lately.
I have a couple of mechanisms for the NJs class and a GWA 1200 class.
The AHGXs were transferred to the Lincoln Division, thus I had some of the modern versions of them.
This means that I could build a ultra modern small layout on the Lincoln division,

The real change in operations is a train to a single location.  Which meant that most of the sidings were designed to have a couple of wagons loaded at each location, not an entire train.

This introduces much more complicated shunting movements.

They are more complicated when there are main roads at the yard throats.

Rudall is on the Buckleboo line, is such a location.

The Birdseye highway intersects the town of Rudall.  The yard has a single loop, and a single siding.
The yard throat is bracketed by the highway.
The yard has two silos and a bunker, the station building is still there and is the barracks.

The shots you see here, are from:

and Norm Bray's flicker.

 Rudall yard throat down end, looking towards Port Lincoln.

 The bunker on the south side of the yard.
 The barracks.

 The left over of the siding on the west side of the main.
 The up end of the yard looking towards Port Lincoln
 Up end of the yard looking towards buckleboo.

 I reckon this is an interesting location.



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