Monday, August 24, 2009

Barcoola MKII pictures final

Hi All

Attached is the last picture.

Things I would like to change.

NCE cabs to have batteries added the night before, and create a dedicated box for them as it takes at least 30 minutes for one person to take them out of their individual boxes add batteries to all four NCE controllers.

Day rosters need to be more structured, maybe set times for rostered staff on and staff on standby, with set tasks, for example 10 to 12 on and operate the Tea and Sugar. We all get talking to the public but we still need to be vigilant, we had three big bingles and two of these were related operators loss of concentration. One was my fault I forgot to reset a switch! My bad.
Jon did a great job as when he knew that he was in a deep conversation he handed me the controller as I walked by, and I relocated it to another operator. Thus operations seamlessly continued. So if you get distracted, and are in a deep conversation hand the controller to another operator and then continue.

Below is a list provided by Jon, in discussion with Glen and Scott.
1) Re-lay TAR and CAR tracks on New Board Module 5, due to slight miss-alignment, and CAR line between new board #1 and old bridge board.
2) Additional 20-30 batteries for cab units
3) 1 cab unit Owned by Scott F channel not yet transferred across ed currently at Layout ID 2
4)Protocols fro Changing Radio channels
5) Cab leads to be included in kit if more than one layout operating with NCE with radio option, look at a standby loom that can be attached to any current or future layout, ie Barcoola or Tyobic.
6)Cab leads sockets to be installed on layout to accommodate the above or standby loom.
7)cab screws to be sourced and supplied- Nobles in the city JC to source
8)House keeping- keeping the fiddle yard clear of unnecessary items.
9)one box containing the controllers rather than multiple boxes
10) Display lights - investigation with Eric G, or look at getting more lights made up, I checked out the options at bunnings and they all still seem too heavy.
11) fold up bar chairs that are more space efficient that current timber chairs
12) rotate trains more often, this is just a continual learning process for the operators.
13) Crowd control chain to be lengthened. Bases to be modified if possible. LG noted that there needs to be more bases made and chain holders, look at inserting a piece of dowel, in the PVC end so that the screw hooks can fit into the PVC tube better.
14) white clip board that can be clipped to the fiddle yard so train consists which are created are noted and also easier to be killed off at the end of the day or end of the expo. Look at a magnetic white board, that fits over each end of the fiddle yard ladder, thus all operators can see which locomotive number is in which macro.
15) Black hessian skirting to be increased in length account Pub board now in front of layout
16) We need more carpet squares due more legs are used in the new format.
17) revise the packing list (loose equipment list)
18) Create a standard break down procedure.
19) Spare switch-it required for emergencies.
20) small hand vacuum cleaner may be of use at break down.

Work items required on the layout.
21) leg on Fiddle yard board #1 needs to be repaired, top end seems to be coming adrift.
22) New board #5 yard track number #3 needs to have a pair of wire droppers installed.
23) Old boards 1 to 5 to be cut down to reduce weight. convert the legs to the new design. Modify protector ends as required.
24) end of the triangle on Lake Doug board needs to have a pair of wire droppers.

25) LG request card system to be created for Tea and Sugar wagons.

thanks all for their hard work!


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